World’s Most Famous First Ladies At The Beginning Of Their Terms And Now

Getting elected as president of any country might be a pretty big deal, but so is being First Lady. It’s a role that’s visible yet enigmatic. It can’t quite be defined but we do know that it’s extremely important and they’ve had a lot of positive impact over history, from Michelle Obama’s healthy eating initiative all the way back to Eleanor Roosevelt’s active role in policy, publicity, and civil rights. And let’s not forget that there are also many first ladies of other countries. 

1. Michelle Obama

Although time in the White House would age anyone, it seems like Mrs. Obama is like fine wine — somehow, she looks better than she did over a decade ago. Michelle was born in the South Side of Chicago and is a lawyer and writer. 

2. Olena Zelenska

The brave wife of President Volodymyr Zelensky is still quite the striking woman but looks more tired in 2022. Given the state of politics in her home country and the fact that the invasion has torn her and her country apart — she hadn’t seen him for nearly 3 months, at one time.

3. Brigitte Macron

A former French educator, Brigitte still has her signature blond hair but does look slightly different — in 2019, she had a three-hour cosmetic surgery. The facial rejuvenation surgery left her looking more refreshed than usual.

4. Hillary Clinton

There was no one more ambitious or powerful looking than Hilary back when her hubby got elected. Today, she’s run for president herself. It’s been decades, and while she has a few more wrinkles and gray hairs, she’s as inspiring as ever in 2022!

5. Laura Bush

Unlike many of the ladies, Laura Bush took a less political role. Her interest and efforts remained uncontroversial like her support for literacy and education. While her husband’s legacy was not as untarnished, her non-partisan activities kept her popular with many Americans. Today, she heads the Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries and continues her literacy effort. 

6. Melania Trump

Once an adult model, Melania certainly had a lot of male fans while she was First Lady.  Her campaigns were minimal and she avoided social media given her husband’s Twitter reputation. Today, she’s launched her own NFT platform, but she’s also teasing a second term as First Lady, which has some raising an eyebrow. 

7. Sophie Grégoire Trudeau

A former Canadian television host, Sophie is involved in charity work, social work, and events regarding women’s issues, children’s issues, and the environment. The gender equality activist has grown into a sophisticated and elegant woman over the past 9 years that her husband’s been in office. 

8. Imelda Romualdez Marcos

At 93, Imelda is one of the oldest First Ladies that are still alive. She served from 1965 to 1986 as the first lady of the Philippines and is the widow of Ferdinand Marcos. During her husband’s rule, she ordered the construction of grandiose structures and apparently stole billions of pesos, earning her a world record for the  “Greatest Robbery of Government”

9. Queen Letizia

Queen Letizia was always a babe, and that certainly hasn’t changed in 2022. Once a TV journalist married to a high school teacher, she’s certainly come a long way. She’s honed her sense of style and has a mature air of sophistication to her these days. In 2014, she was definitely more prim and proper than she is today. 

10. Queen Mathilde

The wife of King Phillipe is the first native-born Belgian queen and is 49 years old today. While she used to rock a longer haircut, today she’s giving us Hilary Clinton vibes with her pulled-together look and cropped ‘do.

11. Michelle Bolsonaro

When she first came into the public eye, her hair was longer and lighter. She also had an overall younger look. Today, she has a cropped brunette look, cutting her long hair off as many women in the political sphere have chosen to do. Her husband has a controversial reputation as the Tropical Trump,” but she’s kept a low profile behind the scenes.