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Gen Z vs. Millennials Beauty Trends

One dead giveaway when it comes to spotting a millennial is a lot of smiley emojis, skinny jeans, or perhaps even a side part in the hair. Gen Z’ers, on the other hand, are a lot trendier than we were, and can be spotted via their TikTok dance moves, Euphoria inspired crop tops and resin rings. Thanks to Pinterest, we can now see searches driven by specific age ranges. 

Even though you might think that Gen Z is trying out crazier looks, it seems to be the opposite. Younger people are looking for more understated, grown-up looks, and instead it’s the Millennials that are breaking more rules in the world of beauty and fashion. Here are must-know beauty trends for Millennials and Gen Z folks.

1. Red Eyeshadow: Millennials

You may not see too many Gen Z members going for rich and intense makeup shades like red, but this is what millennials are opting for this year, along with blue, green and gold eyeshade and eyeliner looks. This is definitely a more refined and less youthful look, so it makes sense that Millennials would opt for it over Gen Z. 

2. Mint Makeup: Gen Z 

As we mentioned before, members of Gen Z prefer dreamier, pastel inspired colors over dark and blocky ones like red, which is why mint has been such a hit. Especially when paired with white eyeliner. These wearers often search “candy inspired makeup” on Pinterest to create their own Thumbelina-esque looks. 

3. Brown Lipstick: Millennials

This is an epic look from the 1990s, and Gen Z doesn’t even know about 90s trends, so of course this is a look that Millennials are trying out. This age group has even searched “glittery lips” more than a dozen time. Brown is more of a mature, grown up shade than mint — it`s best to leave the daring colors to the kids.

4. Pink Gloss: Gen Z

This barely-there and fresh-faced look is all about enhancing your natural glow rather than trying to turn your face into something different.  We’ve seen it in the Riverdale cast, and it looks like this trend isn’t going anywhere soon. It’s filled with low-key minimalism that even allows it to be layered with different glosses or lipsticks.

5. Rainbow Cow Print Nails: Millennials

This is certainly a bold trend, but not the one that Gen Z is going for. Instead, these rainbow cow print nails make us think of old school Lisa Frank stickers. This animal nail print trend is quite specific, as is another search trend that kept popping up for Millennials this year: “bright summer acrylic nails.”

6. Lavender Nails: Gen Z

You would think that a younger generation would be taking more risks with their manicures than those in their mid to late 20s and 30s, but it turns out that subtle lavender nails appeal more to them than stand-out rainbow prints. Of course, it fits in with their love for pastels and softer, more design-minded shades. It’s quiet, non-specific, and completely chic. Are Gen Z’ers officially more fashionable than us?!

7. Side Parts: Millennials

This is quite the controversial debate, and it was started by Gen Z TikToker Lady Gleep. She claimed that “not a single person looks better with a side part than they do a middle part.” Given all the flack that us Millennials got for doing a center part back in the day, this is a polarizing topic. Still, the Kardashians have been center-parting for years, so maybe we did get it all wrong. 

8. Blended Balayage: Millennials

Moving past the side part — many Millennials have been opting for a more natural-looking balayage for many years rather than dyed roots or more obvious trends. Ombre has also been a popular choice. When it comes to hair, this generation is all about keeping things subtle.

9. Money Piece: Gen Z

This gen isn’t trying to hide their grays or pass artificially dyed hair off as their own. Instead, they’re all about the money frame, aka chunky and thick highlights of a vibrant shade (neon or pastel, ideally) that contrasts with your natural hair color. 

10. Resin Jewelry: Gen Z

Ok, this isn’t technically beauty, but it complements many makeup looks, so it’s worth a mention. It looks like Millennials are sticking to more traditional materials in jewelry such as mixed metals or chain links, while Gen Z is trying out resin, a more playful and durable material. This is the one trend where Generation Z might go a little more wild in terms of experimenting with colorful or oversized bangles, rings, earrings, and necklaces.