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Donald Trump’s Kids Just Lost Secret Service Protection

As is normal when a president is no longer in office, the kids of the ex-president and their families lose Secret Service protection privileges. Usually this goes instantly, but in typical Trump fashion this only happened last July, despite the president having left office in January. What’s up with that? Let’s find out!

As mentioned before, usually these Secret Service rights would’ve died out once Donald Trump left office. As an ex-president himself, he has the right to Secret Service protection for the rest of his life (yes, America, you did this) but that same rule doesn’t apply to the family. Trump wouldn’t be Trump if he didn’t make some executive decision to slightly alter that legislation, though. Before he left the Oval Office, he increased the Secret Service protection for his children and their families by six months, which leads to the enigmatic July date. Now I can feel you looking at your computer monitor in a wild confusion wondering “why?”. Well, the answer to that burning question is about to be given!

While the Secret Service protection in itself is a right for all presidents and their families, some exercise that right more than others. It was said that in the first year of Trump’s presidency, his Secret Service costs (which include travel and other stuff) already exceeded the costs for the entire 8 years that Obama was in office. Where the Obama family made about 133 trips per year, the Trump family made no less than 1625. Now it makes sense why they quit the Climate Accords. So at least for the American tax payer, the Secret Service extension on Trump’s children would probably cost about $1 million.

I’m sure the happiest people in this entire situation will be the Secret Service agents themselves. As a typical government agency, they’re pretty much permanently strapped for cash due to cutting budgets and the higher-ups expecting the same quality of service, but that never works. Enter a president that’s known for burning a hole in pretty much every budget you can think of, and you can imagine the stress this agency had to go through. And apart from the money, the Trump administration also set the Secret Service back a full decade in the way they did things. If you’re paying attention, that means that Trump even overturned the way the Obama administration handled the Secret Service.

But enough about boring things like money and work ethic, there’s still some juice to be squeezed out of this story. The biggest issue was apparently that Tiffany, Trump’s second-eldest daughter, was craving a bit more than just professional protection from a tall, dark and handsome Secret Service agent. Despite them both denying anything happened, there was enough of a smoking gun there to reassign the agent. You’ve got to hand it to the Trumps: at least they keep things interesting.