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Cult Followings of Murderers and Serial Killers Are Spreading Over Social Media Like Wildfire

You’ve probably heard all the best and worst things about social media by now. It’s great for finding like-minded people and forming connections, it’s also a hellscape full of unreasonable and unachievable standards of beauty and hate comments. But one of the weirder things we’ve been seeing on social media is cult followings of serial killers and other criminals. 

Joe Exotic

This eccentric man is pretty famous these days and has a cult following despite serving a 17-year sentence in prison. You’ve all probably seen Tiger King on Netflix, a documentary about this crazy man who built a business breeding tigers and traveling the country with a small petting Zoo of tiger cubs. He was convicted of attempting to hire hitmen to murder Carol Baskin. His prison sentence was originally longer but thanks to the success of Tiger Kind and his newfound fame it got shortened to 17 years.

Jeremy Meeks

This handsome criminal shot to fame after a police department posted his mugshot on their Facebook page. He used to be a gang member and even served 9 years in jail, was let out, and then got arrested again in 2014 and was sentenced to 27 months in prison. His mugshot blew up on Facebook in 2014 and got 75k likes, 20k comments, and over 10k shares. People came up with a whole bunch of nicknames like The Hot Felon, Jail Bae, and The Blue-eyed Bandit. All this led to him signing a modeling contract while still in prison and once he got out he started acting and modeling. 

Gypsy Rose 

Gypsy is serving a 10-year prison sentence for second-degree murder. She and her boyfriend planned and executed the murder of her mother Dee Dee. But it’s not that simple, Gypsy’s mother has been suspected of having Factitious disorder imposed on another (previously known as Munchausen by proxy), which meant that she treated Gypsy as if she was sick. Throughout her childhood, Dee Dee treated her daughter as if she had brain damage, leukemia, muscle dystrophy, and a whole bunch of other illnesses, which in the end were not confirmed by doctors. That means that Gypsy has lived a life of fear and isolation. This caused thousands of people to campaign for Gypsy and try to shorten her sentence, videos of her have gotten hundreds of millions of views on Tiktok.

Cameron Herrin

Cameron was sentenced to 24 years in prison for killing a mother and daughter by hitting them with his car while taking part in an illegal street race in Florida. However, he has millions of followers online despite not being active on social media. There are many videos of him online, mostly showing him in the court during his hearing, and people have dubbed him too cute for prison and are campaigning to revisit his case, there’s even a #justiceforcameron. He may be a dashing young man, but he did kill two people with his car. Even his mother thinks that this obsession people have with her son is unhealthy, because it’s not just a show of support, she’s getting very strange letters, calls in the middle of the night, and people have even started doxing Cameron’s fiance. 

Peter Manfredonia

This guy killed two men, attempted to kill a third, and kidnapped the girlfriend of one of his victims. He was on the run from the FBI for 6 days before he was caught and arrested. His shot to fame was kind of meme, there were several fake Stan accounts in his name and his personal Instagram was flooded with a bunch of joke support messages.

Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy is a famous serial killer who kidnapped and murdered at least 30 women. He was said to be incredibly charming and good-looking, which resulted in a strange fan base. He’s been dead since 1989, but he’s still a topic of conversation in the media and if anything, his fame only grew since Zac Efron played him in a movie and Netflix released a documentary series called Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes.