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Why Michelle Obama Wasn’t Impressed When She First Met Barack

When it comes to the lost art of wooing women, we usually look for guidance in people that we assume did a good job at it. With how suave Barack Obama constantly looks, combined with his intellect and sense of humor, it’s impossible to think that Michelle wasn’t instantly wooed when she met the former president of the United States. Sorry to burst that bubble guys, but she wasn’t.

The couple met each other in 1989 and got married only three years later, so it’s definitely safe to assume that despite their first encounter not being “sweep her off her feet” level, Barack surely did something right. The first time they met it was shortly after graduating Harvard. They both ended up in the same law firm – Michelle starting her career and Barack as a summer associate. It didn’t take Barack long to ask her out for the first time, but Michelle declined that invitation as she thought it was completely tacky. At that time there was also a lot of hype surrounding Barack but Michelle wasn’t too convinced it was warranted.

After eventually going on a date together and introducing Barack to her family, the same scepticism she once had was echoed by her bother Craig. They assumed Barack wouldn’t be there in the long run and would leave Michelle rather quickly. Naturally we all know that wasn’t the case. Barack had been smitten with Michelle since the moment he first met her and if you look at the couple today, he still looks at her with lots of love. 

The first date was the turning point for Michelle. She had assumed Barack would be a weird guy for little other reason than his name being Barack and him having grown up in Hawaii. By the end of their first date she got over all her doubts and was completely sold on the man that would turn out to be one of the most influential and iconic presidents of the most powerful country on the planet. And despite all this, Barack still considers Michelle to be superior to himself and has given the advice to single men to do as he did and marry a superior woman to strengthen the gene pool. Nothing woos the women like talking some real biology. 

All kidding aside, this couple is an example to many of us out there and the start of their story shows that even a bumpy start can lead to an amazing relationship that inspires many all around the world. Don’t give up, and remember that even Barack Obama had to put in some effort to win over the love of his life!