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6 Ways To Attract The Girl of Your Dreams

Everyone dreams of meeting that perfect partner, the girl of their dreams. And while some of you might be incredibly lucky to just bump into her on your way to a coffee shop or at work and just naturally strike up a conversation, others might find this to be a challenging quest that after a while starts to feel impossible. Either way, there are certain steps that each of us can take to attract the girl of our dreams. 

1. Values

First things first, you have to define what makes that girl perfect. Instead of just thinking you’ll know the moment you meet her – try to visualize exactly what it is that you want from the person. What are they like? What are the traits you’d like them to have? What are your priorities in life and which ones are absolutely necessary for them to share with you and which would just be nice but not critical? 

Think about the core values and what qualities are important to you. Think whether religion or desire to have children matter to you and in turn should they matter to them. Consider how important it is for them to have similar interests. Do you absolutely need them to be outgoing and go camping with you or are you ok if they’re more of a homebody and play games with you on the couch? Consider even such vain things as appearance, is it something that’s even important to you at all? 

2. Flaws

Few people consider flaws when thinking of their perfect girl, but it’s actually pretty important. Perhaps even more so than the positive traits. Think about it, many of us can deal with a person not being into our hobbies, but once something annoys us, we can’t unsee it. 

For example, a person can love the same bands and books but then you find out that they are very messy and their home is a wreck at all times. Or they chew really loudly. Would you want to live with them? In many ways, the key to finding the perfect girl is figuring out exactly what are the things you can’t stand and staying away from those. But at the same time consider what minor flaws you can easily live with. Perhaps being into gaming isn’t a deal breaker for you?

3. Realistic Expectations

While you’re looking for that perfect girl, keep in mind that no one is perfect. Every person in the world has their pros and cons, their winning traits, and their flaws. Even that celebrity that you think is perfect actually isn’t in real life, you just don’t know her well enough. The key to finding the perfect girl is to know which flaws aren’t dealbreakers for you and which traits are an absolute must for you two to get along. 

4. Consider Yourself

Another thing that is helpful in attracting the girl of your dreams is thinking about what you bring into the relationship. If, for example, you expect your perfect partner to be really fit do you have the same standards for yourself? It’s only fair, you know. If there are certain traits you like in other people, like them being really kind and generous, are you that way too? Do you have childhood trauma? Are you working on your mental health with your therapist? There’s always time for reflection and self-improvement. So while you’re on the lookout for the perfect girl, make sure you’re working on becoming your better self too. 

5. Put Yourself Out There

While some people are lucky to find the one by chance, others have to work for it. Put yourself out there. Tell people that you’re ready for a relationship and you’re looking for that special one. The more people you meet the more chances you have of running into the perfect girl. First, consider your interests and go to meet people that are into similar things. Do you love movies? Go to the cinema often. You’re really into music? Consider concerts, festivals, and music lessons. You’re into sports and hiking? Join a gym or go on a hike or one of those retreats where people from all over the world meet to go work out together or climb a mountain or smth. But also remember that you might meet the perfect girl in an unexpected place, so don’t turn down friends’ invitations for gatherings, parties or nights out. 

6. Give It Time

Not only may it take a while to find that person, but once you start meeting people and going on dates – it takes time to get to know them. And that’s a good thing. Once you’re on a date, listen to them, get to know the person, what they like and dislike, and notice the small things about them, how they treat others. You won’t always know that you’ve found the perfect person on the first date, sometimes it’s a process that takes patience and exploration, and sometimes that person turns out to be a friend you never considered dating before. If you treat people around you with kindness and respect and keep your eyes and heart open – you’ll definitely find your perfect girl.