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The Ukrainian President is the Biggest Badass Alive

There’s never anything really good to come out of warfare, but this Russian invasion of Ukraine does seem to have a very slight silver lining: the world is starting to realize what kind of a tough-as-nails people the Ukrainians are.

And among these tough-as-nails people fighting for their freedom, one man stands above all – Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Let’s take a look at just how badass this guy is.

I Need Ammunition, Not a Ride

By now everyone knows this quote. As Zelenskyy was calling with the US government during the first moments of the Russian invasion, he was offered a safe evacuation. Zelenskyy just replied to that other nuclear superpower that he needs ammunition and not a ride.

Stays With His People

Staying in Ukraine is one thing, but Zelenskyy has actually spent the entire war in Kyiv. His main goal is to defend Ukraine until his dying breath and if he does have to die, he’d rather do it among his people while defending his country.

Not Just a Comedian

People often set Zelenskyy aside because he was a comedian before he became president. Very few people actually know that he has a law degree and his parents were an engineer and cybernetics professor. This guy knows what’s up.

Family Man

Not only does he care a lot about his own family, he also told people in his staff that they shouldn’t put pictures of the president in their office, but pictures of their kids. He reminds them to think about their kids every time they make a decision. 

True Leader

Zelenskyy has proven himself to be a true leader in this trying week, and has managed to keep the morale of his countrymen sky high. He’s been giving regular speeches that are realistic but inspiring all the same, and he’s proven himself to be a very, very good speaker. 

Fighting Fake News

Despite what the Russian propaganda machine is trying to claim, Zelenskyy is always there to debunk it. When they say he left Kyiv, he posts a video of himself in Kyiv. When they say no Russians have died in the war, he asks everyone to post pictures and videos of dead or injured Russian soldiers to the internet. If Putin wants to wage a war with misinformation, Zelenskyy isn’t going to make that easy on him either.

Unbreakable Will

Despite what the odds are and what people would expect him to do, Zelenskyy has made one point very clear from the very start: Ukraine is not going to cave to Russia’s demands. Ukraine will remain as a sovereign state with a democratically-elected government in place, whether the guy in the Kremlin likes that or not.