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Meghan Markle’s Royal Grudges – 3 Signs She Hasn’t Moved On 

Meghan Markle’s royal journey began like a modern fairy tale when she married Prince Harry in 2018. Initially, she appeared to step into her royal role with ease, showing confidence that even seasoned royals took time to build. But it wasn’t all smooth sailing. The Duchess of Sussex quickly found herself the target of relentless tabloid scrutiny, which played a significant part in her and Harry’s dramatic exit from royal life in 2020.

Years after their departure, whispers of a reunion have floated around, yet several signs suggest Meghan might still be simmering over her royal experiences. Here are three telling signs that Meghan Markle hasn’t quite let go of the past:

1. Skipping Significant Events

Meghan’s decision to miss the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games in London, a significant event Prince Harry founded to honor wounded service members, provides a significant hint. Although she hasn’t provided an official explanation for her absence, speculation suggests that her return to the UK could trigger painful memories and awkward moments. This indicates that the wounds from her royal past are still fresh, influencing her decisions on public appearances and engagements.

2. Waiting for an Apology

Despite Prince Harry’s reported efforts to mend fences, particularly in light of recent family health crises, Meghan’s stance seems more reserved. The lack of a formal apology from the Royal Family appears to be a sticking point for her. Sources suggest that while Meghan sympathizes with the family’s challenges, she feels that these personal hardships do not excuse or erase the past conflicts. This ongoing desire for acknowledgment and apology from the royals suggests that Meghan views the resolution of their differences as incomplete.

3. Frustration Over Double Standards

Meghan’s frustration with perceived double standards within the Royal Family also hints at her ongoing discontent. Other non-working members of the Royal Family who engage in similar activities have not received the same criticism as Meghan for allegedly breaking royal protocol. This disparity, particularly highlighted in the case of Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, seems to amplify her grievances regarding how she’s been treated compared to others in similar positions.

While Meghan and Harry have carved out a new life for themselves in Los Angeles, these signs suggest that the shadows of their royal past still loom large. Meghan’s experiences and perceptions of unfair treatment continue to influence her actions and feelings towards the Royal Family, hinting that the saga of Megxit is far from over.