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Everything you need to know about Donald Trump’s Relationship with with Ex Kara Young

Although the media has primarily spotlighted Donald Trump’s marriage to Melania since 2005, his previous romance with Kara Young in the late 1990s was equally captivating and notably cringeworthy. Their affectionate tale commenced in 1997 at a gathering in the Hamptons. Back then, Young, a biracial model, was grappling with the challenges of a deteriorating relationship with gossip columnist AJ Benza.

Donald Trump, then separated but still married to Marla Maples after cheating on his first wife, Ivana Trump, found himself in a relationship with a younger woman named Young, who was 28 years old at the time. Despite the significant age gap between 51-year-old Trump and Young, she was drawn to him for his sense of humor and charismatic personality. Trump became the catalyst for Young to end her relationship with Benza.

The new couple quickly gained attention from the media as they made public appearances together. They were seen at various high-profile events, such as Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell’s Halloween party in 1997 and Time Magazine’s 75th anniversary in 1998. Unlike some of Trump’s previous relationships, this one appeared to have a promising future. Trump even met Young’s parents, indicating a serious commitment. Their relationship lasted for approximately two to two and a half years, with conflicting reports on the exact duration, before they eventually decided to go their separate ways.

Donald and Kara were mutually done with the relationship. 

Donald Trump and Kara Young reached a mutual agreement to peacefully conclude their relationship. Kara Young expressed, “It just ran its course. There was never any enmity or ‘I hate you.’ There was none of that with us” (via Inside Edition). Shortly after their separation, Donald Trump started seeing Melania Knauss, a model who was over 20 years his junior.

A couple of months into their relationship, Melania Knauss entered Mar-a-Lago just as Donald Trump’s ex-girlfriend, Kara Young, was leaving. According to Ronald Kessler in US Weekly, Melania was so upset about Kara that she almost broke up with Donald on the spot. However, Donald managed to win her back with his charm, and they reconciled shortly after. Kara moved on as well, and it seemed like their past relationship was resolved—until 2001.

On a regular day on “The Howard Stern Show” on May 10, Donald Trump had an unexpected call-in. He was originally scheduled to call in the next day but changed his plans and called in that day instead. During the call, tensions rose as Donald started to indirectly criticize AJ Benza, another one of Kara Young’s exes, for his negative portrayal of him in a new book. This led to a heated argument between Donald and Benza regarding Kara Young.

Kara has only given two interviews about Donald. 

After some time, Kara Young disclosed that she had not been fully devoted to A.J. Benza or Donald Trump at first and urged them to reconcile their differences. “You guys be nice. Can you get alonng?” As time passed, the dispute was resolved, and in 2005, Donald went on to marry Melania Knauss. That same year, Young tied the knot for the second time with billionaire Peter Georgiopoulos.

She went on to describe Donald Trump as someone who never seemed to display that he might be racist, but that he did subscribe to some racial stereotypes. “We went to the U.S. Open once, and a lot of black people came because it was Venus and Serena. He was impressed that a lot of black people came to the U.S. Open because they were playing.Є