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7 Fascinating Facts about Mormons You Won’t Believe Are Real

According to official data, there are more than 10 million Mormons in the world. There are some outlandish rumors about the followers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Harsh punishments for children for attending rock concerts, polygamy, domestic violence, billions of dollars in shady funds, etc. Do Mormons really do all this? 

Here are some very interesting facts about this religious cult.

1. Polygamy

The necessity of polygamy was allegedly revealed to John Smith, one of the founders of the Church of the Latter-day Saints, by God himself. The missionary had about 30 legal wives. Other Mormons are allowed to follow the “Smith Principle” and their discretion, but today, they’re all about a strong patriarchal monogamous family. However, according to the Fundamentalist Church, men must have at least three wives.

2. Family is a business

Mormon fundamentalists not only encourage polygamy but also “make money” from it. Since the US government recognizes only one marriage, other wives of fundamentalist Mormons with the status of single mothers receive monthly welfare from the state. What’s even stranger, polygamous women can move from one husband to another.

3. Mormons are tech-savvy

In addition to the official website, which has long become an integral part of any religious organization, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has its own social network. The “” resource offers users to meet Mormons from around the world, view other people’s profiles and tell about themselves. The site is translated into many languages and acts as one of the platforms through which new followers enter the organization. Here you can find the nearest meetinghouse on the map, chat online, order the Book of Mormon, or “learn more” about the life of Jesus Christ.

4. The 1% Mormons

Being Protestants, the Mormons know the value of money and how to do business. The American government also does not interfere with their activities since Mormons regularly pay up to 27% of their income to the treasury. Mormons own shares in the Los Angeles Times, a large portion of real estate in Utah, land in Hawaii, several radio stations and TV channels, and many other properties. According to official data, more than 4 billion dollars every year comes from just the minimum deductions.

5. The richest Mormon in the world

Modern church followers call Thomas Monson a prophet and bearer of divine revelations for a reason. Monson began his career as a humble teacher. Then he entered the publishing business, after which he worked for a long time in the advertising sphere. After getting a position in the church, Monson became the manager of Mormon enterprises “Bonneville International” and “KSL news.” At the peak of his career, Ronald Reagan appointed him as an adviser to the president, and in the 2000s, Monson already owned church assets totaling more than $20 billion.

6. Mormon women can’t wear pants

In the official Mormon church, the status of a housewife with stereotypical gender roles of a housekeeper is a tribute to tradition, but in the Fundamentalist Church, there’s a strict list of everything that women can and cannot do. For example, Mormon women must wear the famous hand-woven ankle-length dresses with pants and special underwear underneath. Mormon wives are forbidden to wear make-up, paint their nails, cut their hair short, and let it loose. Oh, and teenagers are excommunicated from the church for listening to rock music and having premarital relations.

7. Infiltrating the US government

Mormons on the inside are seriously counting on the presidential elections and a change in the country’s policy. The famous love story of presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his wife, Annie Romney, touched the hearts of millions of Americans. But this wasn’t enough to trump Michelle Obama’s image. Ordinary people were wary of the Romneys’ promises to ban abortions and restore the so-called “traditional family values.” Even though the election was lost, according to experts, Mormons will keep trying to rule the country by backing new candidates.