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6 Times Ivana Trump Spilled the Tea on Donald

Ivana Trump, with her glamorous presence and forthright personality, never shied away from speaking her mind, especially when it came to her ex-husband, Donald Trump. Her brutally honest remarks have not only entertained us but also given us a peek behind the curtains of their high-profile relationship. Let’s dive into some of the most memorable moments where Ivana Trump was candidly honest about Donald.

1. Fast Food Confessions

One of the juicier tidbits Ivana shared was about Donald’s diet. Despite her best efforts to steer him towards healthier options, Donald remained a steadfast fan of fast food. Ivana once revealed, humorously, that his preference for burgers and fries had resulted in a noticeable weight gain—from a svelte 178 pounds to a more robust 225 pounds. Yet, she cheekily credited his “good genes” for managing his health despite his dietary choices. A classic case of love me, love my double cheeseburger!

2. COVID-19 Carelessness

When Donald and Melania contracted COVID-19 in October 2020, Ivana did not mince words about her ex-husband’s lax attitude towards the pandemic. She voiced her concerns about his age and weight being risk factors, critically pointing out the carelessness that led to his diagnosis. This moment of stark honesty highlighted her worries and the seriousness of the situation, contrasting sharply with Donald’s downplaying of the virus after his recovery.

3. Parenting Prowess

Ivana often emphasized her role as the primary caretaker of their children, stating that she was the main parent responsible for their upbringing. She candidly remarked that Donald only became significantly involved when the kids were old enough to talk business. This revelation painted a picture of a mother who single-handedly shaped her children’s early years, while the father entered the picture later on.

4. The Social Media Guru

Before Twitter became synonymous with Donald Trump, it was Ivana who suggested he use social media as a direct line to the public. Her advice to bypass traditional media—which she felt could distort his words—proved to be a game-changer in how politicians communicate. Whether you love or loathe his tweets, you might have Ivana to thank (or blame) for this strategic pivot!

5. Presidential Timing

Ivana didn’t hold back from claiming a role in Donald’s decision to postpone his presidential ambitions. She indicated that during the tumultuous early ’90s, which included their high-profile divorce and his business challenges, she advised him that it wasn’t the right time to run for president. Her influence potentially delayed his political career, showing her impact on his major life decisions.

6. A Proposal Without Roses

Forget getting down on one knee with a ring; Ivana described Donald’s marriage proposal as more of an ultimatum during a dinner. He said that if she didn’t marry him, she would ruin his life. Initially thinking it was a joke, she soon realized he was serious. This anecdote might not be the epitome of romance, but it certainly fits the unconventional love story that many would expect from such a dynamic couple.

Despite her often sharp critiques, Ivana frequently defended Donald, particularly praising his abilities as a provider and his skills as president. Her candidness and unique insights into Donald Trump’s character and personal habits have not only captured the attention of the media but have also provided entertainment and intrigue for the public. In a world filled with diplomatic speak and curated personas, Ivana’s unfiltered honesty was indeed a breath of fresh air.