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Will Prince William and Kate Middleton Leave the Royal Nest For Good?

After publishing the scandalous book “Spare,” Prince Harry has been in the spotlight of pretty much every news outlet in the UK and the rest of the world. Everything he shares in his memoirs leads to an even bigger scandal around the royal family. In particular, the Prince talked about his first time doing drugs, losing his virginity, fighting with Prince William, his relationship with Meghan Markle, and, of course, he did not forget to mention a few things about Kate Middleton.

Let’s just say that a lot of the memories were not very pleasant when it came to William and Kate, like that one story where they tried to convince Harry to wear a Nazi costume for a party or their distrust and maybe even more than that towards Meghan Markle.

This understandable backlash came at William and Kate from every corner to the point that they started using different sneaky methods not to get caught in public or by the paparazzi.

The controversial book had the potential to make Harry’s older brother desperate enough to leave the royal family, but judging from the latest news, William and Kate are doing just fine. So, what happened? Did Harry omit some critical details or forget what happened? Or was the whole thing blown out of proportion?

There’s always the third option, which is William and Kade don’t give a hoot, but then why get all nervous in the first place? Although their resignation has not been confirmed yet, certain media outlets swear on their mums that this is just the tip of the royal iceberg and that there are still many changes about to happen to the most important British family.

So maybe leaving the family would not be such a horrible idea for William and Kate after all.