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This Israeli Girl Has The Most Beautiful Face of the Year

Yael Shelbia has been named number 1 in the list of 100 Most Beautiful Faces of the Year 2021, which is meant to represent modern ideals of beauty around the world. The title was given to her by the TC Candler list. TC Candler’s list is not meant to be a popularity contest and says that it’s an independent and diverse group of 20 people who take into account popular trends and opinions and suggestions from millions of people. Anyways, here are a few things we found out about Yael Shelbia, the girl who’s got the most beautiful face in the world. 

1. Yael Shelbia is from Israel. She uses her middle name as her professional surname. Apparently, that name is meant to protect her from the evil eye. Her full name is Yael Shelbia Cohen. 

2. Yael Shelbia first started posting selfies on her Instagram when she was 16. That’s how she was noticed by Marina Moskowitz, a professional photographer. 

3. Yael is a model and an actress, but she says that prior to this she has never come first in any kind of competition. She’s been on the list of the most beautiful women in the world before. She took 14th place in 2017, she’s been third and second in 2018 and 2019. But this is the first time in her life that she came first on a beauty list.

4. Yeal is religious. Her modeling has been a reason for controversy in her community. Her community has been so against her modeling that she was almost expelled from her school. But in the end, she was allowed to continue with her studies as long as it didn’t interfere with her religious upbringing. 

5. Her religious views also have caused a few problems in her modeling career. Keeping Kosher and observing Shabbat as a model can be quite limiting. Shelbia has said that once she had to eat only crackers for a few days, because she couldn’t find other Kosher food at the place she was modeling. Observing Shabbat also means that sometimes she loses out on specific jobs or even contracts because she can’t accommodate the schedule and certain clothing choices that other models can.

6. From 2020 Shelbia has served as a soldier in the Israeli Air Force of the Israel Defense Forces. It is customary in Israel for everyone to go to the army and serve their country for a few years. But many Jewish girls choose to serve in the Sherut Leumi as a civilian instead. 

7. In 2017 Yael has modeled for the KKW beauty, and her photos were personally chosen by Kim Kardashian. 

8. In 2018 Yael Shelbia was chosen to model for the Biotic Skincare, by Kylie Jenner. Shelbia was meant to lead the range of skincare products, and we can see why, her skin looks absolutely flawless.

9. Shelbia’s debut acting job was for the television series about the Israeli Palmach forces. It’s a teen period drama with elements of adventure. It’s set in 1946, and Shelbia plays a character called Ruth. 

10. Yael Shelbia is dating Brandon Korff, an American businessman, and grandson of Sumner Redstone, a billionaire, and media magnate. His family is still the majority voting shareholder of Paramount Pictures and CBS television.