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These Celebs Reveal What Keeps Them Young And Healthy

Why does it always seem like celebrities age more gracefully than regular mortals? Whether it’s having access to more money or just being better connected to keep their health in check, we can probably tie the biggest connection to “more resources” in general. But some celebrities claim that their good health and youthful looks have nothing to do with their resources at all, and have small tips and tricks that everyone can do!

Let’s take a look at some celebrities and how they managed to stay young.

Paul Rudd

In case you weren’t aware, Paul Rudd is 52 years old. That’s right, let that sink in for a while. His secret to not having aged a day since the 90’s? Some humor goes a long way, and that’s pretty much it. That’s right, I guess his secret boils down to enjoying life to the fullest.

Salma Hayek

This trick is very easy to do, but Salma never goes to bed without washing her face. No matter how sick or tired she is, she always takes the time to properly rinse her face before going to bed. I guess if that’s all she does, it’s really paying off!

Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth is a firm believer that staying physically active helps you feeling young and energized. Go out on walks, exercise regularly, move around. Whatever you have to do to keep your body moving will definitely help keep you young.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer is a firm believer in the power of meditation. She combines this with working out regularly, whether that be an intense training or just doing some yoga. She likes to keep her body focused, and that maintains her youthful looks.

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen keeps it simple. Her biggest secret to maintaining youthful looks is wearing a smile. Being happy is the best medicine against getting old, and she often compares it to how babies are always smiling and have flawless skin. I guess Ellen hasn’t heard all those horror stories about babies that can’t stop crying.

Richard Gere

Despite being 73 years old, this man looks amazing. His secret? Like Jennifer Aniston, meditation. He meditates for an hour regularly and claims that whenever he’s feeling down, it helps him look at life in a more positive way and actually makes him feel different. He also claims that having young kids helps keep you young, so that might be another trick.