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Sasha Obama’s New Signature Style Proves She’s Just Like Us

When you think of Sasha Obama, her life seems simply unattainable, and understandably so. How could we be like a woman who once lived in the White House? But that all changed when we saw the youngest daughter of Barack and Michelle Obama rocking a new look at LAX in April 2024. 

Her formerly intimidating White House rep became a lot more approachable as she showed up in baggy sweatpants, a crop top, and a metallic statement necklace. Returning back home to LA, she looked like any other trendy member of Gen Z following the newest fashion trends. Honestly, she could have been any regular 20-something-year-old in this outfit, which was complete with oversized, rectangular glasses, comfortable black Crocs, and a lime-green manicure. 

Although Sasha and her big sis Malia live a life of luxury in Los Angeles, these siblings have managed to maintain a low-key and laidback lifestyle as they figure out their identities as young adults. Sasha’s no-fuss look at LAX is the ultimate example proving that these girls are figuring things out in a normal way as opposed to many other nepo-babies who struggle with being regular. 

Sasha Obama is thriving as a confident 20-something in LA

After Barack Obama’s presidential term ended in 2017, Sasha and Malia took a well-deserved break from public scrutiny in the years after so that they could prioritize their education and enjoy life out of the spotlight. Both Sasha and Malia ended up living together as roomies in LA but their stories are very different. While her older sister Malia has immersed herself in Hollywood as a writer and director, Sasha’s journey has been more casual since she graduated from USC in 2023. 

Although her mother might want her youngest to get that professional career going ASAP, Sasha is taking things at her own pace. According to a source who spoke to OK Magazine, Michelle is pressing Sasha to start interviewing for positions, but Sasha wants to take the summer out to figure things out on her own. The source expanded, “Michelle suspects what she wants to do is hang out with her friends and party, and she’s not going to put up with that.”

Even if Sash is taking things slow regarding her career path, we still think she’s doing important work (when it comes to her style, at least) in making comfy look chic again! She does so in her makeup-free look and outfits that are cute but still ultra-relaxed, taking the pressure off women to constantly be dressed up. We’re loving this style inspo that’s normalizing being comfortable in your own skin and attainable beauty that any of us can achieve.