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Rebel Wilson and her Girlfriend Ramona Got Engaged at Disneyland

As life usually goes, you keep an eye out for that one special Prince Charming while all the charming Princesses pass you by. But not this time!

On Sunday, February 19, Hollywood actress Rebel Wilson surprised her fans on Instagram with some amazing, heartwarming news. The star decided to take a serious step forward in her relationship with the fashion designer and the founder of Lemon Ve Limon, Ramona Agruma, by proposing to her at Disneyland. The celebrity couple went public with their relationship in June of last year, so it has taken them a bit of time to plunge into the next phase.

The engagement was thoroughly planned by Rebel and the Disneyland staff to make the proposal feel like a real fairy-tale scenario. Rebel finally heard her girlfriend’s long-awaited “Yes!” right in front of the iconic Cinderella castle with flower petals floating in the air. In addition, the lovebirds were dressed in matching shirts with white and pink stripes and painted hearts.

In her Instagram post, the Pitch Perfect actress thanked Tiffany for the amazing ring, Bob Iger for something or other, and the incredible Disneyland team for this magical surprise.

Later in her Insta stories, Wilson showed more fun details of this unforgettable day featuring herself and Ramona. So, for example, a few moments before the engagement, Rebel’s girlfriend was obliviously enjoying delicious churros and did not even suspect what was about to happen next.

Wilson also showed a close-up of the luxurious engagement ring. The actress certainly didn’t skimp out on the jewelry for her beloved. She chose an elegant ring crafted in the best traditions of the iconic Tiffany jewelry house — a white gold engagement ring embellished with a huge diamond.

Rebel Wilson came out in the summer of 2022 after breaking up with her boyfriend and finding the love of her life — Ramona. Six months after the start of the relationship, the couple started the rumor mill that, at some point in the near future, they were going to get married. In November of last year, thanks to a surrogate mother, the lovers made their life-long dream come true and became moms to a baby girl named Royce.

Now that the marriage is on the way, things will only get better for both Rebel and Ramona, as well as their lovely daughter.