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Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Show Off Their Daughter 

A year ago, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas welcomed a baby daughter Malti (via surrogacy). They have managed to keep their cute little daughter out of the public eye until recently. For slightly over a year Priyanka’s been sharing photos of Malti but without revealing her face. Even after celebrating their daughter’s first birthday, Priyanka shared some photos of her baby on Instagram but still covered her face with a white heart. 

The couple finally revealed their daughter’s face during a public outing, which was a touching moment that allowed fans a sneak peek into their family life. The special occasion that granted the fans such a unique opportunity was the day that the Jonas Brothers got a start on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Getting a start there is a huge privilege and quite a big deal for celebrities, so of course Priyanka came to show support for her husband and brought her baby daughter too. 

Priyanka wore a beautiful brown maxi dress that accentuated her perfect curves, and baby Malti was also dressed smartly in the most adorable little white tweed suit and a little white bow on her head. 

Nick Jonas thanked both his beautiful wife, calling her his peace in the chaos and anchor in the storm, and saying how he’s forever grateful to be married to Priyanka. Nick also said that being a parent with Priyanka to their baby daughter Malti Marie is the greatest gift. Jonas joked that he can’t wait to come back too the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 15 or so years and make his daughter blush in front of her friends while he brags and shows off his star. 

Many were wondering if this was a one-off occasion and whether we’d be able to see more of Malti’s face. After all, Priyanka could go back to covering her face with emojis in photos, but it seems like for the time being, she has decided to show Malti’s face on her Instagram. Priyanka shared a photo of her husband and her daughter on Valentine’s day. And later on she just randomly posted a selfie with her baby on Instagram and captioned it “Days like this. ❤️”.

It’s clear that ever since Priyanka became a mother her perspective on life changed. She’s shared in interviews that having a daughter really made her shift her perspective. Now, instead of constantly working and thinking what’s the next job, the next project, she focuses on her daughter. It grounds her and gives her a sense of calmness because, in one way or another, all her decisions end up being about her baby.

Priyanka also says that she’s absolutely obsessed with her daughter and has multiple cameras and baby monitors in her room because seeing her face (especially when she wakes up) is her favorite thing in the world. 

It’s entirely possible that Priyanka will change her mind about this and go back to shielding her daughter from the media spotlight once she grows up a bit. It’s understandable when parents want to protect their kids and shield them from unwanted attention. After all, Malti deserves to have a normal childhood, but for now, we’ll enjoy seeing her cute baby face.