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Most Shocking Truths From Nickelodeon Docuseries “Quiet On Set”

In March 2024, Investigation unveiled a new documentary series called “Quiet On Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV.” The gripping four-part series uncovers alleged abusers who were accused behind the scenes at Nickelodeon. While it’s an enlightening watch, it’s certainly uncomfortable to watch as viewers start to realize that the creators behind their cherished childhood programs might have mistreated the young stars on their network’s shows. The documentary shares shocking and graphic details on racism, abuse of children, and sexism that ran rampant behind the scenes.

It’s so tough to watch because the creators of this docuseries showed these young actors being placed in various upsetting scenarios. However, firsthand accounts and real-life footage were both key to proving the documentary’s point. Detailing misconduct that occurred in the shadows of shows like “All That,” “The Amanda Bynes Show,” “iCarly,” and more, these are the most jaw-dropping bombshells of truth that “Quiet On Set” uncovered. 

1.Brian Peck caused discomfort for a lot of young cast members

Dialogue coach Brian Peck made many kids feel uncomfortable and did so blatantly in public. Peck used his job to gain access to the young actors on the network, and he abused at least one. Starring as “Pickle Boy” on all that, Peck’s character often included sexual innuendo. He made strange asks of the “All That” actors, like asking one to walk on his back and boasting to another that he had a signed self-portrait from serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

2. Brian Peck’s anonymous victim was revealed to be Drake Bell

Brian Peck was arrested in 2003 for molesting a child over the course of six months, according to the LAPD. Peck, who was coaching Bell at the time, would often come into Drake’s dressing room and touch him at unsolicited moments in front of people. He even caused a rift between Bell and his father. It reached its peak when Drake Bell slept over at Peck’s house, which is where the abuse happened and continued to happen over the years.


Former child star Drake Bell has laid bare the ‘unspeakable’ and ‘brutal’ sexual abuse that he suffered at the hands of his Nickelodeon dialogue coach Brian Peck when he was just 15, describing it as ‘the worst stuff somebody could do to a person.’ #drakebell #drakeandjosh #nickelodeon #quietonset

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3. High-profile celebs supported Brian Peck

After pleading “no contest” in 2004, Brian Peck was convicted and sentenced to 16 months in prison. He was also required to register as a sex offender. Drake Bell opened up about the fact that so many stars had shown up to support Peck, such as James Marsden, Taran Killam, and Rider Strong, who wrote letters to support and stand up for Peck. Marsden’s letter read, “I’ve known Brian for 14 years, and never once did I ever see any sign of him being capable of something like this.”


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4. Amanda Bynes had a creepily close relationship with Dan Schneider

Dan Schneider, who created many of Nickelodeon’s most popular shows, was also accused of misbehavior. Although Amanda Bynes declined to be in the documentary, it was revealed that Schneider played favorites with Bynes and often separated her from her cast members in “private meetings.” Once, she even ran away from her home with Schneider’s help, and he sexualized her further by creating a character for her called “Penelope Taynt.” The latter word is a slag word, referring to the perineum.


A video of Amanda Bynes in a hot tub with disgraced Nickelodeon producer Dan Schneider has resurfaced online. This comes after the premiere of Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV, a docuseries about the toxic culture at the network in the 90s and 2000s. Schneider is sitting fully clothed in the jacuzzi with a teenage Bynes, who appears to be wearing a swimsuit. Even one of the editors of a Nickelodeon show said she found the scene to be ‘a little odd’ in the docuseries. #amandabynes #quietonset #danschneider #drakebell

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5. Nickelodeon’s TV showers were packed with innuendos

“Quiet On Set” has caused many people to reconsider clips from Nickelodeon shows, putting its young stars in disturbingly sexualized scenarios. Ariana Grande was a frequent subject of these situations; the documentary shows clips of the pop star pouring water on herself and in her mouth in a very sensual manner. There are also jokes about being slapped with a sausage and kids having goo shots in their face—all this occurred with people who are minors.

6. The cast hated filming “On-Air Dare”

Described by many as the “Fear Factor for kids,” stars from Nickelodeon shows were invited to participate in frightening and bizarre challenges on TV, such as eating a scorpion while it was still alive or bathing in a bathtub packed with fish. “All That” cast member Bryan Hearne compared the show to “torture” and took part in a segment where producers covered his body in peanut butter before letting dogs in the studio lick off his body. He said, “That sounds like some kinda awkward fantasy from some freaky dude. It was really uncomfortable,” and cited “On-Air Dare” as his biggest Nickelodeon regret. 

7. Dan Schneider asked employees for massages on set

In “Quiet On Set,” several cast members and Nickelodeon personnel who worked behind the scenes witnessed Schneider soliciting massages from people. There are even photos of it in the documentary, and an anonymous costume designer recalled that the person was almost always a woman from the wardrobe department. After this documentary was released, Dan Schneider released a statement to Variety saying it regretted doing this and knew it was “highly inappropriate.”

8. Kids were asked to participate in racist jokes

Racism flourished on Nickelodeon sets, and white cast members were often treated better than cast members of color. Bryan Hearne was asked to play a rapper called “Lil’ Fetus,” where he was put in an uncomfortably skin-tight bodysuit and was referred to as a “piece of charcoal” while the sketch was being prepared. Hearne’s mother was also upset when she saw her son in a sketch where he was trying to sell Girl Scout cookies on the street, and the scene was set up as though he was selling drugs. His mom said, “I was like, ‘Oh, the Black kid gets to be the crack dealer?'”

9. Female writers forced to share their salaries

Sexism isn’t anything new in Hollywood. Nickelodeon had plenty of misogyny on set, and “The Amanda Show” writer Jenny Kilgen, as well as writer Christy Stratton, said they experienced numerous degrading moments with Dan Schneider as their employer. Kilgen was also forced to split her salary with another writer, and she was even expected to work for free during the show’s second season.