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Kelly Clarkson Reveals Startling Truth About Dramatic Weight Loss Transformation

The truth is finally out—Kelly Clarkson has confirmed the rumors about her weight loss. Despite her People interview, in which she assured everyone that she dropped the weight solely by natural means, during a talk with Whoopi Goldberg, she fessed up to using a version of Ozempic.

The interview, which took place for her talk show, began with Clark doling out compliments to Whoopi on her eternal reverse, praising her for aging backward as the years go on. Goldberg admitted that her secret fountain of youth was weight loss, which gave the appearance of taking the years off. Saying that she’s lost “almost two people” in weight, “The View” star acknowledged that she had been using Ozempic, which she referred to as “that wonderful shot that works for people who need some help.” Clarkson revealed that she also was using Ozempic for weight loss.

She clarified that the product she was on was similar to the well-known medication but that it was not Ozempic, saying that it was another product she wasn’t willing to name. 

Still, she owned up to taking a weight loss drug and adding that her “blood work got so bad.” Clarkson claims that her doctor had been trying to get her on the drug for years, but she was previously on the fence and scared to start taking it as she already suffers from thyroid problems.

Both Kelly Clarkson and Christina Aguilera provoked gossip regarding celebs and Ozempic usage at the 2024 Grammys. 

Kelly Clarkson’s fans are frustrated over the truth

After hearing Kelly Clarkson’s revelation, fans aren’t exactly happy. Much of social media was annoyed by the star’s initial lack of transparency about her weight loss. Although they seem to be generally pleased that the singer has reached her health and weight loss goals in a way that’s fulfilling to her, the achievement is overshadowed by her dishonesty. 

One user on X tweeted, “Why these celebrities lie about this is truly ridiculous. We all know what you’re doing to lose weight that fast.” Another criticized her for being on an “off-brand Ozempic” and stated that there was no need for her to avoid taking accountability. Yet another called Kelly Clarkson out for the usage of “not-name brand Ozempic,” which is often available at a lower cost. 

Social media isn’t the only place people are causing an uproar. Redditors also felt conflicted about Kelly opening up in her interview with Oprah, where she backtracked on the comments where she claimed weight loss success as a direct result of eating high-protein and walking frequently. Many users on Reddit appeared to be complaining about supposedly eating large amounts of protein and going on long walks as a means of drastic weight loss, when in reality, using those measures to achieve drastic results like Kelly did isn’t always realistic. 

One fan who weighed in on the issue (no pun intended) stated that celebs like this should use their power and influence to discuss “shortage, availability, affordability, and access issues,” while another said that Clarkson falsifying her methods directly caused all people taking Ozempic to be accused of “taking the easy way out” rather than simply eating a high-protein diet and going on walks.

Hopefully, more celebrities will be open about these topics when they first comment on them, rather than worrying they’ll be attacked and covering up the truth with lies.