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6 Celebs Who Got Super Candid About Cheating In Relationships

Breakups are never easy, especially when the relationship is actually substantial and seemingly going to last for a while. But dealing with parting ways with a significant other is even more difficult when infidelity is involved. This is grounds for a serious heartbreak. Now with all of the distress that can come from breakups, imagine it being broadcast to the entire world. This is what happens when celebrities call it quits with their significant others, with much of their breakups being the subject of major speculation from fans, foes and everyone in between. Having a private thing become so public can be devastating. But there are some celebs who have decided to open up about the details behind their heartbreaks. These confessions show that they experience pain in love the same way the rest of us do. Their stories reveal that there are real people with actual feelings behind the public figures who are very often dehumanized through the media. To read the truth behind the headlines, check out these 6 celebs who got super candid about cheating in relationships. 

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe has had her fair share of time in the headlines about her relationship with her ex Lamar Odon. Reports detailed several occasions of Odom’s infidelity, which Khloe said she was totally unaware of at the time. “Lamar was so great at making me feel like I was the only one and I was this princess, so I never speculated about his cheating. He was so good. Nothing was on his cell phones,” Khloe said on the Howard Stern Show. 

Gwen Stefani

When Gwen Stefani endured a very public divorce from her ex Gavin Rossdale, tabloids reported that he had cheated with their kids’ nanny. It was a shattering revelation, according to Stefani, who said it was the start of a very dark time in her life. “My dreams were shattered. All I wanted my whole life was to have babies, be married, like what my parents have. Then I remember thinking, ‘There’s gotta be a reason for this.’ Of course you go through the ‘Why me?’ and feel sorry for yourself. But then I was like, ‘No, this happened to me already and I made something good out of it,’ and that was ‘Tragic Kingdom,’” Stefani told Harper’s Bazaar. 

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has confirmed that she’s been cheated on in several relationships. Though she has not been open about specific partners who have been unfaithful, she has shared how these experiences have shaped her. “It’s about realizing it’s not about you. When someone cheats on you, it’s about them…about their shortcomings. It makes it feel like it’s about our shortcomings, like there was something wrong with us. But the truth is, it’s really their ego, and what they need to fill within themselves that drives them to do things like that. Not because you weren’t enough,” she told Glamour UK. 

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria found out her husband Tony Park was cheating a decade ago, and she shared that it was an experience that shook her confidence, but decided to break the mental cycle it placed her in. “Society usually thinks there’s something wrong with the woman: Oh, he cheated on her, so she must not have been sexually satisfying him. She must have been a ball and chain! Why did he have to have a reason to cheat that had to do with me?I am so secure in who I am. I really am. And I’m not conceited. I just think, ‘Wow, okay, that’s the life you want to live,” she shared.

Emma Thompson

When Emma Thompson’s ex Kenneth Branagh supposedly had an affair with Helena Bonham Carter, she said she had to find a way to be at peace about the situation. “Oh, we are [alike]. Being slightly mad and a bit fashion-challenged. Perhaps that’s why Ken loved us both. She’s a wonderful woman, Helena,” she told the Sunday Times. 

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock filed for divorce from her ex Jesse James after rumors circulated that he was unfaithful. Bullock says she had to decide not to dwell on the past and move forward.  I’m not going backward. I’m grateful that I’m here, blessed to have what I have. Nobody can be prepared for anything. It happened, but I’m so lucky to be sitting where I am sitting,” she told Vogue.