The Untold Truth Of Phoebe Adele Gates

Who exactly is Phoebe Adele Gates? She’s not exactly a household name, but is the child of two extremely famous billionaires  — Bill and Melinda Gate. It’s safe to say that this creative (and surprisingly normal) 18-year-old doesn’t have the life of an average teen. Here’s everything you need to know about the daughter of these two mega celebs who recently announced their breakup.

1. She’s the youngest daughter of the philanthropists. Her older sister is Jennifer Gates, while her big bro is Rory Gates. Her sister is an equestrian, while her brother is an actor. 

2. Even though her parents are tech lovers, Phoebe’s beat is more dance related. She dreams of being a professional ballerina one day, and even attended The School of American Ballet at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Art. She also studied at Juilliard. If she doesn’t follow ballet, she hopes to remain in an artistic field.

3. She often shares social media posts of her and dad Bill doing some dance moves together — her parents are her biggest fans and #1 supporters.

4. She loves to read. In 2018, Bill Gates wrote an IG caption about him and his daughter’s love for books — especially books by author John Green, who has authored books like Turtles All the Way Down about a young lady finding a missing billionaire.

5. She was raised tech free. That’s perhaps the reason why the young lady is such a book lover — even though she grew up with hundreds of gadgets readily available, Bill Gates didn’t let either of his kids have a smartphone until the age of 14 — with a strict no screen time at dinner, and before bed. 

6. She won’t be inheriting her parents’ billions. Rather than planning on dividing up his wealth evenly, Gates would be providing them with a comfortable amount ($10 million) and donating the rest to the “helping the poorest’ has he put it on a British daytime show. Phoebe supports this decision wholeheartedly, and is proud of her dad, just like her siblings.

7. Phoebe’s parents have already moved out of the house, but she’s still living with her parents. It’s not too shabby a setup in that $120 million house, which comes complete with a gym, library, and swimming pool complete with an underwater sound system. Annual bills and taxes both clock in at over $1 million — separately.

8. She is believed to be dating a boy at Lakeside School, and they have been dating for over two years.  She’s been seen strolling with this mystery boy, who also spends his time in Phoebe’s family phone. Alas, she’s secretive about her relationships and his identity has not been revealed. Looks like Phoebe and her parents are both pretty good at keeping their personal lives hush-hush. 

9. Even though she loves ballet, her favorite music genres to listen to are rock and blues. However, she also enjoys operas due to the perfect blend of singing and storytelling.

10. Her favorite actress is Marylin Monroe, while her favorite actor is Jonny Depp. She’s a big Edwards Scissorhands and Pirates of the Caribbean fan.

11. She was born in Medina, Washington.

12. She’s a Virgo — her birthday is September 14, 2002.

13. Her dad takes her and her siblings to all different parts of the world, so that they can be aware of people’s suffering. It’s not just resorts and rich people stuff, surprisingly!

14. Sometimes she gets mistaken for her sister. Though Phoebe’s life has been closely guarded, older sis Jennifer is a lot more visible in social scenarios. This has led to her pics being used to represent both sisters, with some sites even portraying Phoebe as not just Jennifer, but actress Rachel Leigh Cook! Oh, internet.

15. Growing up, she did chores to earn pocket money. This was the result of her dad trying to teach her the value of a dollar. No cleaning or trash taken out? No allowance!

16.  She’s tall for her age, at 5 feet and 10 inches (177.8 cm).

17. At the tender age of 18, her net worth is already at $10 million.

18. Apparently, she regularly attends the Catholic Church, and always has, as her family has raised their kids in a religious environment.

19. For a while, she wasn’t active on social media and didn’t have a public account for the world to gush over. Today, her handle is @pheebeegates, where you can catch her doing classically wholesome teen shenanigans, including prom and shots with her besties.