The Fittest 72-Year-Old Woman In the World

According to international standards, a woman is considered young up to 44 years old, but we can confidently say that age does not mean anything. An excellent proof of this is Norma Williams, who is already 70+ years old but looks like a 20-year-old. And her success has nothing to do with good genes or plastic surgery and everything to do with painstaking work.

Norma was born in Britain but has long since moved with her family from the country of rain to sunny Italy. Today she is married to a man 10 years older than her, successfully runs a rental business, looks great, and keeps a close eye on her weight. The woman admits that she is now in the best shape she’s ever been, although she has been taking good care of herself since her 20s.

Norma is convinced that you don’t have to have a model figure to look good. You just have to stay fit. She has been exercising every day for the past 50 years. Norma’s workout routines are always different, but long walks and uphill hikes are always on her daily schedule. Whenever she gains an extra pound, Norma hikes up the mountain twice a day. Williams eats a variety of foods to fill the body with everything it needs. Her diet includes bananas, chicken, mushrooms, pasta, and even honey-filled croissants.

Norma drinks two cups of cappuccino for breakfast with a couple of cupcakes or cookies and follows it up with a banana, orange, or other seasonal fruit. For lunch, she always has meat or fish. She also throws in some carrots, broccoli, beans, mushrooms in soy sauce, olive oil, seeds, cranberries, or walnuts into the mix. For an afternoon snack, Norma loves having something sweet like a piece of chocolate or a bowl of salad with Greek yogurt, honey, and nuts. Her favorite dish is whole grain pasta with vegetables and olive oil. She did move to Italy for a reason!

As you can tell, Norma hasn’t abolished sweets from her menu. She occasionally treats herself to all sorts of pastries with chocolate, nuts, and dried cranberries. When it comes to alcohol, she will only have red wine, which has been proven to help with weight loss. Norma Williams believes that little pleasures like wine and sweets should always be on the menu as they make our life a little bit brighter. After all, it’s better to spend more time exercising than chewing lettuce all your life. Wouldn’t you agree?