Melania Trump’s Biggest And Most Controversial Statement

Melania Trump is not a woman of many words, which is in stark contrast to what her husband Donald Trump does. That man has the need to voice (or type up on Twitter) every thought he’s ever had. But back to Melania. During her time as The First Lady, she rarely voiced her thoughts online or to the media. She mainly used her social media presence to talk about unity or to defend her family. A lot of the time we were just left guessing what she thinks based on her clothing choices or her body language. 

But do you remember what was that one time of clothing she wore that made the biggest statement? It wasn’t one of her super expensive suits, dresses, or fancy shoes. What made the biggest splash in the media was when Melania wore a cheap (based on her income and status) Zara jacket that cost $39 and said “I really don’t care, do you?” on the back. And the day she couldn’t have chosen a worse way to wear it. Melania wore that jacket on her way to visit the children stuck in detention centers at the America – Mexico border in 2018. 

People were furious. Many saw this message as a clear statement that she doesn’t care about those children. After all, it was her husband who was pushing the zero-tolerance policy on immigration and talking up a storm about building a wall on the border with Mexico. And it would be a very rude statement to make, but you know, all things considered, it would kind of make sense? We expect that from Trump, and she’s married to him. 

However, Melania says it’s not what her message meant and that’s not how she intended for this to be taken. She clarified in an interview that she wore this jacket to go on the plane and off the plane, not to the actual detention center. She said she wore it to send a message to the media and all those who criticize her. She wanted to tell those haters that no matter how much they criticize, it doesn’t really make a difference. She doesn’t care. She knows what her priorities and goals are, and she’s going to do what she thinks is right, no matter what. 

It’s also interesting that when first photos of her wearing that jacket emerged, her PR team was pushing the message that it’s just a jacket, it doesn’t mean anything, there’s no subtext and everyone’s reading too much into an item of clothing that wasn’t even deliberately chosen. Yet Melania says that she wore that on purpose, but the message was misunderstood. 

It seems strange to have been an accident, yet unusual for a woman who is an immigrant herself and who pushes the agenda of unity and started the BeBest campaign that’s all about the well-being of children and youths. We’ll probably never get to know the truth behind that jacket. If there’s one thing we can agree on is that no one expected Melania to make such a massive splash with a Zara jacket, that’s for sure.