Lady Diana and Her Impeccable Summer Style

Summer is here and some of us are struggling to come up with summer outfits that look cute yet feel comfortable in this sweltering heat. And while some of you might turn to Pinterest or Instagram or modern celebrities for inspiration, we want to suggest Lady Diana as your summer style inspiration. This gorgeous lady knew how to dress for summer. Some of the pieces she wore are true classics that wouldn’t look out of place now, while others give us 80s and 90s nostalgia that is actually super on-trend now. So yeah, to cut a long story short, here is your summer icon Lady Diana in all of her summer style glory. 

1. Cowdray Park, 1983

2. Windsor, 1986

3. Mallorca, 1987

4. Balmoral, 1987

5. New South Wales, 1988

6. Necker Island, 1990

7. Egypt, 1992

8. British Virgin Islands, 1993

9. British Virgin Islands, 1993

10. South of France, 1996

11. St Tropez, 1997

12. St Tropez, 1997