Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump: What Are They Doing After The White House?

After Donald Trump not-so-graciously exited office and his title of president, daughter Ivanka Trump was left to clean up his mess, and her reputation. Many feel like Ivanka and Jared dropped off the planet after the Capitol insurrection, and part of that is because critics say that her post-White House destiny might be even worse than the last 4 years was for much of America. In fact, Ivanka herself contributed to the deadly mob attack by pushing her father to make the Twitter video where he told rioters that he loved them.

Since her hubby Kushner started off as one of the most socially ambitious people out there, it’s even more ironic that the couple would be thrown into eternal infamy, with their names tarnished. Still, with the success both of them have under their belts, we’re sure they’ll find a way to survive beyond this whole mess. It’s no secret that these 2 love power — the whole reason they ended up together is because their ambition match each others. 

With a dad that’s been impeached, permanently banned from Twitter, and disgraced is pretty much every other definition of the word, they can’t exactly sneak out of the White House with a farewell smile and wave. 

Ever since Trump’s impeachment, Jared and Ivanka have been trying to keep The Don from saying too little, too much, or throwing off another grenade which will risk them being ostracized from society again. They’ve been uncharacteristically quiet, and while Ivanka had originally planned a “farewell tour”, those plans are apparently on hold for now. Here’s all the shenanigans that this once-powerful couple has been up to since they left the White House.

A future in Florida politics

According to sources, the eldest daughter of Donald Trump has plans to run for office herself, although we’re not sure exactly how realistic those plans are. 

In December, Ivanka and Jared closed on a plot of land that cost a whopping $30 million, located just north of Miami on the coveted Indian Creek Island. Their goals are to built a private estate, and according to local gossip, she plans on challenging GOP Senator Marco Rubio for his seat in 2022. 

Her new start in Florida might actually pan out — there’s still a decent MAGA crowd there, and Florida’s social circles will be much more welcoming to Trump and Kushner than their NYC circles, which they’ve been shunned out of.

Updates to their New Jersey home

The couple has a cottage at Trump Bedminster Golf Club in NJ, and it was recently renovated to add more bedrooms. Perhaps they’re thinking of moving out there, or expanding their family to have more kids. However, New Jersey is rather liberal, and we’ve not sure how much of a political future this power couple would have there.

Complicated family dynamics

Obviously, things aren’t as they were 4 years ago, and the most broken relationship post-presidency is the one between Melania and Ivanka. However, Ivanka swerved into her step-mom’s lane more than once, and it’s caused so much tension, neither of them can even be in the same room anymore. They’ve rarely been publicly photographed together.

At Thanksgiving, Ivanka and her siblings were at Camp David, while Trump ate dinner alone at the White House with his wife. Outside of that, there’s been a lot of family drama, and understandably so. It’s a time of learning that actions have consequences, which the Trumps generally don’t like to do. 

A very strategic summer road trip

The family actually road tripped from Miami to Bedminster, doing a cross-country road trip that many Americans embark upon with their family. Still, they made their stops at a range of high profile locations, like Kiawah, South Carolina, where they stayed with former US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, who also happens to be estranged from Donald Trump after criticizing him. Just like Ivanka and Jared, Haley has put some much-needed space between herself and the ex-host of The Apprentice. 

Then, they went Nashville, where they spent time with Ivanka’s close friend and Fox News regular, Morgan Ortagus, who is an ex State Department spokeswoman. It seems like this road trip is the foundation of some much-needed networking to restart the couple’s career. Even though some political might be necessary in order to mend fences and ensure a future in politics, Jared and Ivanka have tons of money-making business ventures, so we’re sure they’re not too worried about their downfall anytime soon. Only time will tell what’s next for this family!