7 Most Controversial British Royal Family Moments

Never has there been a royal family as seclusive and secretive as the British one. It feels like the only information that gets out of Buckingham Palace is the information they carefully drip-feed into the world, and everything else is kept under the tightest of lids. 

That doesn’t mean that no controversial information ever makes it outside, though. The controversy gets shut down almost as fast as it pops up, but thanks to the wonders of the internet it’s impossible to get the information removed once it reaches the World Wide Web. Let’s take a look at some of the situations that made even the Queen of England blush with embarrassment.

1. The Oprah Interview

While this interview was one of the biggest scandals to rock the British Royal Family, it was mostly known for kicking off the search for the Royal Racist. This is still ongoing and it looks like the story Meghan and Harry brought out might be slightly exaggerated, and since then the Royal Family has sort of dared them to name the person that made racist remarks about their child.

2. Harry Naked In Vegas

By now you probably get that Harry has had some wild years behind him. About 10 years ago he allegedly engaged in a game of strip billiards and if the leaked photographs of the incident are to be believed, he’s not a very good billiards player. Once again, his royal family members weren’t too pleased with Harry’s behavior.

3. The Queen’s Offshore Funds

If there’s anything that gets the mob riled up, it’s a monarch that invests in offshore tax shelters. Apparently Queen Elizabeth had invested about 13 million dollars into exactly those kinds of funds and this made her pop up in the Paradise Papers. Naturally, the Queen doesn’t manage her own money and she is exempt from tax laws, but boy oh boy is this not setting a good example.

4. Charles And Camilla’s Phone Call

Just calling someone isn’t really a cause for controversy, but it’s mostly the not-for-children content of the conversation that turned a few dozen heads. At the time of the call, where Charles admitted wanting to be Camilla’s tampon (that’s right), he was still married to Princess Diana. That’s a double whammy if I’ve ever seen one.

5. Sarah Ferguson Having Her Toes Sucked

First of all, Sarah Ferguson is the ex-wife of the formerly mentioned Prince Andrew. That being out of the way, after her divorce from Andrew she got herself into a bit of a kerfuffle. She was caught on photo getting her toes sucked by her financial advisor. And who ever said money doesn’t make women all hot and bothered? Naturally there was an official statement to explain the situation, which claimed that the advisor wasn’t sucking on Sarah’s toes but merely kissing them. Yeah, sure.

6. Harry Dressed As a 40’s Era German

While a red armband with a cross-like symbol of a certain shape on it might have been fashionable once, there’s really no one that wears it to a dress party since 1945. You kind of know what you’re getting into. Enter Prince Harry in his wild years, who figured this was the perfect outfit to get photographed in. Naturally, his family disagreed.

7. Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein

With more and more information about Jeffrey Epstein’s leisure activities, one thing is becoming more and more apparent: Prince Andrew was somehow involved or at least in the know. You can imagine the British Royal Family doesn’t really like these kinds of close associations with a convicted sex offender.