21 Hilarious, Perfectly Timed Sports Photos

There are thousands of perfectly timed photos on the Internet. Some are funny unintentional poses; others look like God himself has photoshopped them, and then there are these amazing still images of athletes just doing their thing, but their expressions are hilarious.

Here are 21 sports photos taken at the exact right time!

1. Sometimes, the joke is too on the nose. For example, here’s a Dallas defender in a really awkward position.

2. Imagine not being able to smooch your trophy because you have to wear a face mask.

3. When two rugby teams don’t like each other very much, they’re willing to do anything.

4. Is this a Polish pole vaulter celebrating victory or Goku turning Super Saiyan?

5. Football (or soccer) may not be the most exciting sport, but this picture does make you a little bit thirsty, doesn’t it?

6. There’s going to be a lot of synchro swimming on this gallery, but this photo is especially bizarre due to the absence of certain vital body parts.

7. A cat running onto the field just casually disrupts a football match, and he’s not even sorry, that furry bastard!

8. Whoever said that horseback riding is a safe pastime has no idea how dangerous it can be.

9. Unlike horses, bulls can make a kebab out of you, but at least the photos look cool.

10. You know it’s serious when the ping-pong master gives you this stare.

11. With all that distortion, the swimmer’s face looks like a potato.

12. Imagine the amount of force with which the ball was pitched at the player.

13. When people say, “don’t bite the hand that feeds you,” Is this what they mean?

14. And now we see the pitcher from the broken bat incident. Neat!

15. Real-life water Pokemon in the wild are so beautiful and gracious!

16. Speaking of Pokemon, who’s that? Has to be Mega Tentacruel!

17. Here we see a rare shot of a soccer ball merging with the player’s head.

18. Did the hockey guy turn invisible? That’s against the rules!

19. Who needs laws of physics when you can defy gravity?

20. When the wizard learns telekinesis, things get wild.

21. And for dessert, here are Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders flying through the air.