11 Times First Ladies Wore Affordable Clothing

Once upon a time, first ladies used to only wear high-fashion and custom looks. After all, their husbands held a special place in society and so did they. Just look at Jackie Kennedy, or Eleanor Roosevelt. But today, first ladies are better role models when it comes to investing in frugal fashions. Here are all the first ladies who wear the same affordable fashion brands as us normals.

1. Barbara Bush’s fake pearls

You might not expect it,  but in 1989 when she attended George H.W. Bush’s inaugural ball, she wore fake pearls and a pair of shoes that cost only $29. She was photographed in this fake pearl necklace multiple times, and today, you can still find the pearls designed by Kenneth Jay Lane (specifically for Barbara) only cost $150.

2. Michelle’s iconic dress from The View

Michelle Obama used to frequently wear clothing from Target, J.Crew, and Gap. During her guest appearance on The View, she could have worn some flamboyant outfit. After all, she was campaigning for her husband’s first term at the time. Instead, she wore a black-and-white dress from White House Black Market that cost just $148. Obviously, the dress sold out overnight and skyrocketed the designer to fame.

3. Relatable skater girl shoes

Michelle has worn Converse sneakers on several occasions. In 2017, she rocked navy Converse sneakers to the Boys and Girls Club for some gardening, where she planted and harvested veggies. We get it — who wants to garden in heels? 

4. Betty Ford and her love for Albert Capraro

Albert Capraro was a famously affordable designer, and Betty Ford was in love with his looks. Ford spotted him in a newspaper and appreciated his use of American-manufactured fabrics — and budget-friendly dresses. His looks never cost more than $200, and the designer and first lady duo worked together for the rest of the time she spent in the White House. 

5. Melania in Timbs

Melania has definitely had some moment where she flaunted her wealth, but she was often seen in sneakers, Timberland boots, and baseball hats worn as part of her stylish outfits.  After she met with victims of Hurricane Maria, she was seen wearing a pair of Timberland boots that only cost $170. 

6. An all-pink dream in 2017

When Melania returned from a Camp David retreat in 2017, she has worn casual pink trousers with a matching button-up gingham shirt from J.Crew. The shirt cost only $75 — that might be expensive for someone making minimum wage, but for a lady married to a business mogul and president. On another outing, she wore $188 jeans, which are pricy, but still definitely a normal person move for Melania.

7.  A head-turner 2009 G-20 Summit

When Michelle Obama attended the G-20 Summit in 2009, she styled several J.Crew looks together and the result was oh-so-sophisticated, comprised of a $298 cardigan, a mint-green pencil skirt that cost nearly half the price, and a tank top that cost only $18. Although the entire outfit wasn’t too expensive, it looked completely designer, and just as effective as one of Jackie O’s elegant looks. 

8. Arriving in Arizona with a splash

In 2009, Michelle looked lovely as ever in an A-line printed dress from Target’s Merona line, paired with a ballerina bun and a chunky waist belt to tie it all together. As she walked off Air Force One in Phoenix holding her daughter Sasha’s hand, she looked fabulous. 

9. Michelle’s Camp David Look

Melania’s Camp David shirt cost just $75, but Michelle one-upped her with her 2011 trip to the same location, wearing a white-and-blue printed dress styled as a tunic. It cost only $29.99. We love that she buys looks that the public can actually afford.

10. That Today Show appearance

Mrs. Obama certainly loves a good chunk belt! In 2011 when she was on the Today show, she wore a $34.95 polka dot dress from H&M. However, she altered the dress to add sleeves, which was a fabulous addition with that pop of color belt and yellow heels.

11. That time we found out that Talbots is actually chic

In 2012, Michelle wore that yellow and white patterned dress, and it’s not the only time she wore Talbots throughout her hubby’s presidential terms. The yellow dress cost just $55 when Obama wore it, which was slashed from its previous price of $169. A woman that loves a good sale is a woman we want to be friends with!