These Are All The Celebs Banned From The Met Gala

Recently, the Met Gala came back in full force for 2021.  After being stuck in lockdown for so long and having the annual event canceled back in 2020, the stars came to slay. But apart from the insane fashion looks and sheer number of celebrities walking that famous stairway, the Met gala also has a dark side. Their guest list is an extremely exclusive one, and if you misbehave at one Met Gala, you’re banned from them all. 

Here are the celebs you might never see again at the Gala, because they’ve apparently been banned by Ms. Anna Wintour herself. 

1. Donald Trump

We’re guessing that this guy is banned from a significant amount of guest lists, but why exactly was he banned from the Met Gala after being a regular attendee for many years? Donald even proposed to Melania at the event back in2004. But a happy marital memory wasn’t enough for Anna to let him keep getting an invite. In 2017, Wintour revealed that she would never allow the ex-POTUS back to her event. With such a nightmare of a presidency that was partially responsible for the COVID pandemic, we can certainly understand why.

2. Tim Gunn

But everyone loves Tim Gunn? Many jaws will drop at this morsel of information, but the TV personality has been feuding with Wintour for years now. What’s the reason for the feud, you may ask? Back in 2010, the host of Project Runway wrote a book in which he claimed he saw Wintour being carried down five flights of stairs at a fashion show. Apparently, Anna wasn’t happy with people thinking of her as a diva, and her team asked that he retract the comments. He refused to go back on his version of the truth, and after that, it was a wrap. Gunn hasn’t been to a Met Gala since 2006. She sure knows how to hold a grudge!

3. Rachel Zoe

This famed fashion designer also has a feud with Ann Wintour. In 2007, she was asked to sit at shoe designer Brian Atwood’s table, but the invitation was retracted. It just so happens that 2007 is the same year that Zoe made the bold statement that she had more of an influence in the fashion world than Wintour did. Who dares to call themselves more influential than the queen of fashion herself? I mean, they did make a whole Devil Wears Prada based on the woman. Lesson of the day: don’t trash talk Anna unless you want to get blacklisted from coveted parties. 

4. Khloe Kardashian

For some reason, the reason for Khloe not getting an invite feels even worse than getting into a life-long fight with a very famous fashion editor. Evidently, the less famous Kardashian is “too C-list” for an invite, even though her sisters get invited, except Kourtney, of course, who also must be thought of as not famous enough.  It must not feel great to have your entire family dress up for an event and be forced to stay home because you’re not relevant enough. 

5. Coco Rocha

The beautiful supermodel Coco Rocha used to make appearances at the Met Gala every year, and fashionistas would look forward to it. But she was permanently removed from the guest list in 2017. However, this was not due to a feud with Anna Wintour. It was due to one with Katy Perry, back in 2013. When attending the VMAs, Perry wore a dress that Rocha had worn to the Met Gala just months before. In 2017, Perry was a co-chair for the Met Gala, and many rumors circulated that she had Rocha removed. 

6. Josh Hartnett

Alas, the handsome Josh Hartnett faced the same fate as Khloe Kardashian, since he’s apparently not relevant enough to be on the guest list. Apparently, a pretty face is no longer enough. We got a sneak peek at this store when they came out with The First Monday in May, a documentary tell-all on the Met Gala. In it, Calvin Klein attempted to invite Hartnett, but event organizers were filmed coldly saying, “What has he done lately? Nothing. You guys are all set.” No wonder the fashion world has a reputation for being so cutthroat!

7. Tina Fey

Tina Fey pulled the most epic move in history when she banned herself from the Met Gala. Speaking about the celeb-filled event in 2015 on David Letterman, she called it a “jerk parade”, expanding saying “Every jerk from every walk of life is there, wearing, like, some stupid thing. If you had a million arms, all the people you would want to punch are there. Clearly I will never go again.” Oh, Tina, we love you for keeping it real.