The Melrose Place Cast – Then & Now

Remember Melrose Place? It was a huge hit drama show back in the 90’s that actually had a reunion last year. This was a big deal as the actors hadn’t been seen together since 2012 when they did a really short revival of the show – which wasn’t all that successful if we’re being honest. 

The show started back in 1992 as a spinoff of “Beverly Hills 90210” and ran up until 1999. Let’s take a look at what happened at the leading actors of that show since then.

Jack Wagner

Jack was introduced in season 3 as Dr. Peter Burns and pretty much stayed in TV drama territory after the show ended. He played in The Bold and the Beautiful for nine years and currently has a role in When Calls the Heart and Wedding March. 

Kristin Davis

Much like Jack, Kristin was introduced in season 3 and worked herself up to a series regular. And as much as we’re here to talk about her part in Melrose Place, she ended up becoming Charlotte York in Sex and the City afterwards. If we’re being honest, her role in Melrose Place won’t even be a blip in the real highlights of her career.

Andrew Shue

Andrew was one of the main characters on the show and actually quit acting almost entirely after the show ended. Shue has become somewhat of an entrepreneur since then, co-founding and Do Something. The latter is a non-profit organization meant to inspire young people to make a positive change in the world.

Heather Locklear

Perhaps the most famous of the Melrose Place stars, she wasn’t even initially planned as a series regular. She had some guest appearances in the first season and due to how successful she made the show the writers wrote her in as a regular for the remaining seasons. Sadly, Locklear hasn’t had quite a successful life since then. She’s been struggling with the law, addiction, rehab, psychiatric issues and a handful of divorces.

Rob Estes

Rob is the only person that starred as a guest character in season two, came back as another character in season five and then went on to be yet another character in the 90210 revival, which is supposed to take place in the same universe. This man is basically the 90210 version of Marvel’s Chris Evans.

Alyssa Milano

Another big name to pop out of Melrose Place, Alyssa was only in it for a few seasons. It did however get her in contact with Aaron Spelling who would later go on to make a certain show called Charmed. After her role in Charmed, Alyssa hasn’t really done much that lived up to that role, although she never quit acting and is still getting lots of projects. She’s also one of the most avid supporters of #MeToo.

Courtney Thorne-Smith

One of the few original characters that left the show before it ended, Courtney exited the series back in 1997. Afterwards she had quite a busy career, starting off in Ally McBeal, moving on to According to Jim, Two and a Half Men and Emma Fielding Mysteries. Her private life has been pretty successful as well, as she’s been married for 14 years and had a son back in 2008.