Redheads Rocking The Red Carpet

Redheads always stand out in a crowd and that’s exactly why we love them. Their fiery hair (natural or dyed) makes them the center of attention and sets them apart from everyone else. And while you might’ve heard that having red hair makes styling outfits more difficult, we disagree. It’s only somewhat difficult if you want to blend in and not attract attention. And to prove our point we’re going to show you gorgeous celebrity redheads rocking the red carpet. 

1. Emma Stone

Emma is one of our favorite redheads in Hollywood. Even though she’s not a natural redhead, we think ginger locks suit her bubbly personality. She’s adorable, she’s witty, and she looks equally good in her yellow La La Land dress and in a suit. 

2. Natasha Lyonne

Natasha Lyonne is a great actress, but an even more amazing character. This woman is so charismatic and so funny, we can’t help but love her. We also love seeing her rock her unique outfits on red carpets and look badass AF. 

3. Madelaine Petsch

Madeline Petsh doesn’t have a problem mixing up her style with different colors, patterns, and cuts. She’ll wear a co-ord to a red carpet one day, and a fairy dress the next, but she’s also no stranger to glam. 

4. Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore is one of the best-known Hollywood redheads, and unlike many actresses, she stays true to her hair color the most. She loves wearing solid colors to the red carpet. Sometimes she just goes all red to compliment her hair, other times she goes for a rich green to contrast with her red hair and pale skin. We particularly like her in a yellow dress, she just radiates positive energy in it. 

5. Jessica Chastain

Jessica loves glamorous dresses and we definitely appreciate her red carpet looks. We love the contrasting midnight blue on her, and obviously green is quite a popular choice amongst redheads. But we probably love it most when she wears light or cream colors and just lets her hair be the focal point. 

6. Amy Adams

Light blue, green, even orange is a good color on Amy Adams. You’d think the orange, in particular, would clash with her hair, but she makes it work. We love Amy as an actress, and we love her red hair even more. 

7. Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks, who famously played Joan Harris on Mad Men, stands out on every red carpet (no matter what she wears) thanks to her red hair and her envious curves. This woman knows how to rock the red carpet, there’s no question about it. 

8. Sophie Turner

Sophie mostly sticks to blonde, but she did play a redhead on Game of Thrones for years, so we think it counts. She’s definitely attended her fair share of red carpets as a redhead, and we think she looked great every time. 

9. Isla Fisher

Isla is often mistaken for Amy Adams, probably due to her hair and fair complexion. We think she looks nothing like Amy, but hey, it wouldn’t be the first time women in Hollywood were compared to each other. Either way, look at Isla in her magenta dress, isn’t she gorgeous?

10. Florence Welch

Florence is known for her unique style and we love how creative she gets with her carpet looks. She just looks so quirky and eccentric that we can’t help but think of her as an ethereal woodland fairy with an exceptional talent for making music.

11. Karen Gillan

Where do you know Karen Gillan from? Is it from her days on Doctor Who as the Doctor’s companion, or perhaps you know her from Jumanji? Or was it Guardian’s of the Galaxy that introduced you to this Scottish redhead? Either way, we love Karen’s red carpet looks, she’s always ready to try something new. 

12. Rose Leslie

Another redhead from Game of Thrones, Rose Leslie, has won over our hearts on the show and we loved her personality in interviews as well. Speaking of her red carpet looks we share her love of long dresses that hug her in all the right places.