Harry Styles Launches Beauty Brand Pleasing

Harry Styles has become so much more than just a former boy band member in the past years. He has solidified himself as a singer, songwriter, and performer. He became quite a style icon too. His fashion sense has evolved past the confines of gender or any specific style. He’s doing a thing of his own, and we love his unique kind of style that combines both feminine and masculine. 

We’ve seen Harry Styles fans try to imitate his outfits, his hair, and quite a few followed the TikTok trend of trying to knit a Harry Styles cardigan. But now they can go even further and get their hands on Harry’s new beauty brand. He’s launching a gender-neutral beauty brand called Pleasing and we are all over it. 

According to Harry, Pleasing is all about making people feel beautiful. He’s starting out with a line of nail polishes because for him, that was the first thing that caught his imagination and fascinated him. He would just start noticing colors around him, a pretty flower, a nice shade of wallpaper and he would want that on his nails. We’ve all seen how creative he can get with his manicures in the past years, so it makes sense that he’d want a line of his own nail polishes. 

The other two products are focusing on skincare. One of the products is called the Pleasing Pen, and it’s a dual-ended eye serum and lip oil. Gotta love the convenience of it, two products in one package. The eye serum can be massaged into the skin under your eyes and is meant to brighten your under-eye and hydrate the skin. The lip end of the Pleasing Pen is full of lip oil that will freshen up your lips but dry matte. As Harry put it, it’s a perfect product to freshen up when you’re feeling less than perfect. 

The other beauty product is the Pearlescent Illuminating Serum, which is meant to smooth your skin and give it a pearlescent glow over time. Harry was inspired by Japanese divers who were collecting pearls in the ocean, and their skin just looked so pearlescent and magical that he wanted to create something that gives a similar effect. 

Harry’s beauty brand is all about enhancing and highlighting your features, and your natural beauty. Styles believes that people look most beautiful when they feel happy. And you know exactly what he means, people really do glow when they feel good. Beauty isn’t about a specific look or beauty standard, it’s about feeling good and looking happy, and that’s when we truly radiate beauty. And he hopes that Pleasing will be all about making people feel beautiful.