Christie Brinkley And Her Age-Defying Secrets

Even though Christie Brinkley is 67 years old, she looks decades younger. Some might assume that it’s all plastic surgery, but the truth is, this supermodel has a whole treasure trove of age-defying secrets that helps her look as youthful as she does today. Here are the best ones to know, which also might rewind the clock for you.

1. She wears extensions! Yes, the secret to her thick, lustrous hair is that not all of it is actually her hair! She debuted a line called Hair2Wear with her own extensions, and Christie’s goal is to drop the stigma, since wearing them feels so natural to her, and has been a part of the job for decades.

2. She exfoliates every day, and has done so for a whopping 4 decades. Brinkley says that men look younger than women due to daily shaving, which is just another way to exfoliate your facial skin. She uses an exfoliator and wrinkle reducer from her own skincare line, which she says has a gentle formula.

3. Eat well! The best way to look good on the outside is to treat yourself fabulously on the inside. Christie has been a vegetarian since she was a young teen, and maintains a plant-based diet. She and her family eat the “rainbow diet” which means eating as many colorful ingredients as possible. Think deep greens, purple grapes, and red beets!

4. Wear sunscreen. Wearing sunscreen on your face and your body is one of the best ways to protect yourself from the symptoms of aging. SPF protection will always prevent the need for fillers or Botox in the future. 

5. Don’t eat sugar, or avoid it whenever you can. Especially when it doesn’t come from natural sources like fruit. Sugar causes inflammation, along with reducing circulation and causing other problems including cancer. Stay away from artificial sugar, white bread, and instead opt for rich and nutritious foods like grains.  

6. Many people wonder how Christie Brinkley holds on to such a healthy, sun-kissed tan year round. She uses a cream that gradually builds you tan, and says that she prefers fake alternatives as opposed to the sun, which can damage your skin and make you look less youthful.

7.  It’s common knowledge that Christie Brinkley has a body that’s better than most 20-year-olds. But how does she accomplish that? She has a piece of equipment called Total Gym which helps her accomplish her fitness goal. She also likes to attend dance and spin classes, along with going kayaking, skin, or playing tennis.

8. Getting the perfect amount of sleep. After 6 or 7 hours of sleeping, Christie feels her best. She says that if she sleeps over 8 hours, she often feels groggy. Additionally, she praises having a consistent routine with the same amount of sleep every night.

9. De-stress with a pet. While she doesn’t claim to have any “scientific research” on this, she feels the most calm and relaxed while sitting next to her dogs and petting them. She claims they act as her personal trainers, since they remind her to go play, walk, and run around. 

10. She owns those non-invasive treatments. While many people try to hide the fact that they’ve had treatments or work done, Christie wears it proudly like a badge, and wants her fans to know that it’s absolutely ok to fess up to Botox and line removers like Xeomin. 

11. Her favorite way to sweat is multitasking! She does leg lifts while she brushes her teeth, and squats while drying her hair. If you’re a busy gal, this is the ultimate way to get your heart rate up while getting your chores done.

12. While taking care of your body plays a large role, it’s also important to have a positive approach towards aging. Christie is all about acceptance and the importance of personal choice. Her decisions are about her health, no appearance.  In other words, do you, girl!

13. Smile! Her mother always told her that doing so brightens up your whole face, and with Brinkley’s zillion dollar smile that’s gotten her so far in life, we can’t deny the power of a happy grin, 

14. Always remove your makeup at night. Christie uses a gentle cleanser to wipe off makeup, and then uses a special eye makeup remove wipe under her eyes where the skin is most sensitive. Follow up with a facial oil, and finally an anti-aging night treatment or night cream.