20 Facts About La’Tecia Thomas You Probably Didn’t Know

Lil Wayne made the news back in 2020 after he called it quits with model La’Tecia Thomas and moved on with Denise Bidot. After posting pics of her without her larger-than-life wedding ring, fans noticed that she unfollowed the rapper. 

When they were engaged, she was the only person Wayne followed — now he doesn’t follow anyone. Even though they broke up, the model wasn’t just another rapper’s girlfriend. Here are all the facts you need to know about this Australian beauty. 

1. La’Tecia Thomas’s birthday is September 3, 1990.

2. She is currently based out of LA, California, but was born and raised in Australia. Her place of birth is Melbourne, Australia.

3. La’Tecia’s background is Indian and Australian, which explains her stunning and unique good looks. 

4. After being scouted in a mall, La’Tecia began to model at age 16, with representation from famous agencies like Milk Management, Bella Management, and Wilhelmina Models Los Angeles.

5. She came on the fashion radar after working with Simply Be back in 2018. She has also modelled for brands like FashionNovaCurve and Pretty Little Thing. 

6. She has over 1.7 million followers on Instagram, and is a body positive champion on the platform. She shows that curvy queens don’t have to limit their clothing options, and encourages women of all body types to love their physiques.

7. La’tecia weighs approximately 209 lbs (size 16), and is 5 feet and 9 inches tall. Her eyes are a mesmerizing grey-blue. 

8. Her net worth is approximately 800,000 to $1.2 million US dollars. 

9. In an interview with Daily Mail Australia, she says her past mindset was “toxic” and now she’s not triggered by mirrors at all, calling plus size modelling a liberating experience.

10. In an emotional IG post, she talks about going through her phone and finding an old  photo of her back when she was competing in bikini competitions at a much smaller size 10. While she admitted that many people would pick her “before” she says “your mental health is just as important as your physical.”

11. Before entering the fashion world, she used to study law. She also happens to be a self-taught makeup artist. We love a woman of many talents!

12. She’s said that her mother is her biggest inspiration and that she generally draws most of her inspiration from other women who are fearless, confident, and empowered. 

13. She’s walked New York Fashion Week multiple times.

14. Apart from Instagram, she has a vlog on Youtube talking all things fashion and beauty (did we mention she’s a certified makeup artist?). She also vlogs about photoshoots and runway shenanigans, as well as style grabs from different brands with the best plus-size garments.

15. She’s not about filtered photos and overly edited attempt to look perfect. In 2018, she famously spoke out against a photoshopped image of herself. 

16.  Lil Wayne rapped about her on Funeral, with the line  “I got a plus sized model, but she’s my lil’ mama” on “Stop Playin With Me”.  

17. As a makeup artist, La’Tecia Thomas started posting tutorials on YouTube in September of 2016. Her first ever video post was titled “How to: My Go To Glam.”

18. Although she’s extremely empowered today, it wasn’t always that way for Thomas, who’s had her own rollercoaster of a journey when it comes to body image. She admitted in a video on her Youtube channel that there was a certain person in her life who would frequently put her down at the age of 13, calling her fat and telling her she needed to lose weight.

19. Hearing abusive comments on her weight as a child led her to start a diet and exercise regimen that was extremely unhealthy. After school, Thomas claims she would work out for 3 and a half hours while keeping her calories to the bare minimum.

20. She was once approached to compete in the Miss World Australia competition in 2011, and used to compete in other similar competitions when she was younger.

21. La’Tecia became more famous when people found out she was dating A-lister Lil Wayne, who sought out the model after seeing her on TV. The two met in the summer of 2019 and got matching tats as a celebration of their love.