15 Celebrities With Hygiene Problems

Celebrities always look so fancy and beautiful on red carpets, dressed in the prettiest and most expensive outfits, with perfect hair and makeup. You can’t help but imagine they also smell divine. But do they? Turns out some of the most famous celebs are pretty bad when it comes to hygiene and the fact that you can’t smell through the TV might actually be a blessing in disguise. Here are some celebs who have questionable habits when it comes to hygiene. 

1. Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is basically Hollywood royalty, you’d think she goes to the spa every day and has a 12 step skincare routine that she does every day to keep looking as gorgeous as she does. But sources close to her say that she’s the opposite of that. Julia is quite a hippy who doesn’t shower every day, prefers to save water, and rarely washes her hair because it’s so dry from being bleached. So apparently she gets pretty musky when not on the red carpet. She even admitted in an interview that she doesn’t wear deodorant. 

2. Gwyneth Paltrow

So we know she’s into some truly questionable things when it comes to beauty and wellness. After all, her company Goop speaks for itself. Turns out that no matter how much Gwyneth preaches about her super expensive, fully natural products, she hasn’t figured out a good deodorant yet. Even guests at the Met Gala in 2013 said that she smelled pretty bad.

3. Russell Crowe

This Aussie might be a huge movie star, but co-stars complain that he lacks basic hygiene and decorum. It’s not unusual for him to smell of booze or whatever smelly curry he might’ve had for lunch, even before an intimate scene on set. So naturally, actresses complain and some even ask for body doubles for those types of scenes. 

4. Cameron Diaz

Cameron truly believes that antiperspirant is evil and makes you stink. Well, that explains why she’s been spotted with sweat stains at events. Cameron says she hasn’t worn antiperspirant in over 20 years, and she doesn’t regret it at all. 

5. Matthew McConaughey

Another Hollywood celeb who refuses to wear deodorant. His reason for it? Matthew doesn’t like smelling like anything else, but pure Matthew. However, he is willing to shower if his smell bothers someone. So at least that’s good, right? 

6. Megan Fox

Everyone thinks Megan Fox is the epitome of hotness, but this girl has admitted that she frequently forgets to flush the toilet. We don’t understand how that happens, but she says even her friends complain about it. 

7. Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson doesn’t brush her teeth every day. And no, it’s not because she’s too busy or just forgets, she just doesn’t like her teeth to be too slippery. Wiping them with a T-shirt whenever she needs to works just fine for her. Yet she swears that her breath is always fresh because she uses mouthwash and she flosses. So why not brush your teeth while you’re at it, Jessica?

8. Robert Pattinson 

You know how Robert is always seen touching his hair? We’ve been wondering if it’s product in his hair or just grease and now we know the answer – it’s the latter. He doesn’t care if his hair is clean so he doesn’t shampoo it, for weeks at a time. He says he doesn’t see the point in doing something he doesn’t care about. He also doesn’t clean his apartment for the same reason. And during his Twilight times, many people on set complained that he doesn’t shower often enough either.

9. Kristen Stewart

Kristen has a very similar stance on hygiene. She doesn’t shower every day and her hair gets pretty stinky too. She also says that she sweats a lot when she’s nervous, and she gets very nervous at red carpets, so we can only imagine the smell. 

10. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo has gone mad for the environment, and we love that he cares so much. But his hygiene is suffering as a result of that. He doesn’t shower every day to conserve water and he’s very into sorting trash and recycling, but he often misses trash days so his home can get pretty smelly. He also thinks that deodorant is just unnatural so he doesn’t use it. 

11. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt hasn’t given up on hygiene he just has quick workarounds because he doesn’t always have enough time to shower. He has many kids, and when they were little it was quite a nightmare. He has shared with co-stars that when you have that many kids you feel like you’re getting peed on all day, yet you don’t have time to shower, so he just uses baby wipes. 

12. Jennifer Aniston

Jen’s roommate from ages ago, when she was just starting out, has shared that Jennifer was pretty weird to live with. She would sometimes catch her giving herself bikini waxes on the couch. Can you imagine how awkward that was? 

13. Britney Spears

Britney isn’t great with hygiene either. We’ve all seen her walking around barefoot in parking lots and she used to have a pretty bad smoking habit back in the day, which made her smell like an ashtray. We hope she’s changed her ways now, perhaps we’ll find out now that Britney is free again. 

14. Miley Cyrus

For someone who sticks out her tongue a lot, Miley doesn’t seem to have the best oral hygiene. You can often see that her tongue doesn’t look clean and she once wore someone else’s retainer. Ew!

15. Harry Styles 

Harry Styles is everyone’s crush these days. He’s gorgeous, his songs are awesome and he’s very stylish. But everyone has their crosses to bear, and Harry’s problem is bad breath. It’s that mixture of coffee, cigarettes, and alcohol – eww. And his bandmates in the past have complained that he sometimes farts and pretends it’s not him.