14 Kylie Jenner’s Most Expensive Outfits and Accessories Over the Years

Kylie Jenner owns some outfits and accessories with an insane price tag. After all, this young queen is a billionaire and can purchase literally anything she’d like, so why not? She even bought Stormi her very own pony when she was just a toddler — for $200,000. One thing is for sure — Kylie is a pro at spending the big bucks. Here are her most expensive looks to date.

1. Custom Versace gown and jewelry

Serving up an all purple look with arm pieces and jewels to match, Kylie’s most unforgettable look is probably her MET Gala appearance in her mermaid-inspired Atelier Versace dress. Amidst mesh and purple floral details, diamonds were sewn throughout the dress. Jewelry (besides the gown’s built in jewels) was estimated at around $4.9 million, making the total cost of this outfit over $8 million bucks. Just the price of a mansion or castle, no biggie!

2. Her 18th birthday dress

At an age where most of us could barely afford rent, Kylie wore a dress that cost a whopping $10,000. She was the bell of the ball in her dress that was coated top to bottom in Swarovski crystals. Her boyfriend at the time was Tyga, and we would hate to meet anyone who spilled a drink on this masterpiece that night.

3. The Julian McDonald Dress

For leaving so much skin showing, it’s kind of surprising that this dress would cost nearly $17,000 – $16,917 to be exact. The seductive look was worn for Memorial Day dinner when she was 22, and was a fiery orange snake print with serious cleavage and waist flattering cutouts. 

4. A feathery Oscar De La Renta dress

For just $22,000 you too can look like a majestic swan. This was worn for Kylie’s 22nd birthday, and was shared on Oscar de la Renta’s very own Instagram account with this caption, “Birthday beauty. Kylie Jenner floated through her day in our enchanting #odlrfall2019 one-shoulder gown.”

5. Custom, colorful Balmain

People had a lot of mixed opinions on this dress, but one thing is for sure: it cost $24,595. The look was designed specifically for the billionaire by Balmain’s very own Olivier Rousteing for her 23rd birthday. 

6. Iconic wig collection

People might be wondering: how does this beauty get so many fabulous hair looks and such quick change ups? It seems like every social media post has a different wig, each with a different color, style and texture. Tabloids guesstimate that Kylie has a minimum of 100 high-quality wigs, indicating that she’s probably spent over half a million on faux hair. 

7. That pear shaped diamond

Most girls would dream of receiving this ring for their wedding, but boss babe Kylie casually sports it just because she wants to. Her jewelry collection is definitely in the millions, given that this diamond ring is said to be somewhere around $750,000, and perhaps even a million. She flaunted it here with her brown Hermès Birkin. 

8. A Gucci lingerie set

Most of our undies are priced in the single digits, but only undergarments priced over 1,000 will do for this Kardashian queen. Here is Gucci’s All Over Monogram Logo Mesh Lingerie Set, which costs $1,100.

9. The infamous tennis racket

Wait for it — the most expensive thing in this outfit isn’t her clothing. It’s the tennis racket. Designed by Chanel, this racket cost $2,499

10. Glasses that cost more than the clothes

These Chanel frames have a “barely there” look. But the price tag is most certainly not barely there. The whole look here slays, but we can’t get over the fact that these small Chanel glasses frames are $3,600.

11. Her diamond Rolex

Of all the accessories on this list, this might take the cake. The luxurious Rolex is estimated at around $30,000, which makes sense given its monstrous size and the fact that it’s absolutely coated in shiny diamonds.

12. A flawless Bottega Veneta look

Even if you’re not a fan of Kylie you can’t deny that she looked flawless serving up sultry businesswoman vibes in this orange beauty that cost $5,190. The micro handbag by Jacquemus cost $500, and she didn’t cheap out on the jewelry in this look, which includes a Ruby Stella ring pried at $1,605.

13. A pricey snow bunny look

While the rest of us look like penguins waddling around in our puffer coats, Kylie Jenner stays warm in a much more fashionable way. This Chanel jumpsuit made from wool has a price tag of $3,350, while the headband costs $1,100 and the mittens are priced at $1,150. All Chanel everything!

14. An insane bag collection (400+)

Kylie Jenner’s closet looks more stocked than any boutique we’ve ever been in. Organized by size and designer, Kylie has proudly displayed her closet that houses only bags. It’s estimated at over a million dollars, especially since this starlet owns multiple Hermès Birkin Bags, which each go for $500,000 easily.