14 Celebrities Who Are Completely Unrecognizable Without Makeup

Many celebrities are naturally beautiful, but they’ve all had a little help from personal trainers or hair and makeup teams, to make them look the best on screen and at red carpet appearances. While we normal people don’t have daily access to things like those, seeing these majestic celebs without makeup can help us see them as just a little more human, since they too look totally different with zero makeup.

1. Lady Gaga

The queen of disguises and performance art has only recently decided to tone down her looks, but she still frequently wears a bright lip and a statement-making look with cosmetics. Without makeup, she has a soft prettiness that we’re not used to seeing from the superstar.

2. Gal Gadot

Though she’s just as stunning without makeup, she does look significantly different in this dressed down version of herself. To be fair, that Wonder Woman makeup was a pretty dramatic look, so it makes sense that her natural self looks like almost a different person.

3. Jennifer Lopez

To call Lopez a natural beauty is an understatement. After all, the star is in her 50s and barely looks like she’s aged at all since the era when she dated Diddy. Still, when she’s ripping her skincare products or getting ready before, we see this version without all the hair, lashes, and smoky eyes.

4. Nicki Minaj

Most of us are used to the version of Nicki Minaj that entails glossy lips, Chinese braids or some other colorful hairdo, and maxed out fake lashes. But without all the candy-colored theatrics, her natural beauty shines, as it does in this post-shower picture where her confidence shines through and she looks like pre-fame Nicki.

5. Katy Perry

Not unlike Nicki Minaj, theatrics and costume are a big aspect of Katy Perry’s personality. But when then-husband Russell Brand posted this now infamous #nomakeup wake up shot, even though it was soon deleted, all the internet made sure to screenshot it. Miraculously, they stayed married for another year and a half!

6. Carrie Underwood

When she’s all glammed up, Carrie looks just like the superstar we’ve always know her as. But when she’s naked-faced, she looks just like us regular humans! Still, she had that effortless Carrie Underwood radiance to her. Eye makeup can really transform a face!

7. Tyra Banks

Seeing an otherworldly supermodel minus the Photoshop and makeup is a breath of fresh air. Tyra has always been a big advocate for empowering women and fighting against beauty standards, hence she often posts makeup-less pics and videos to make herself more relatable to fans.

8. Sharon Stone

How could we not include the iconic femme fatale icon of Basic Instinct in our roundup? Though she’s significantly older than many of the women on this list, she still definitely holds her own and looks beautiful without makeup. That being said, she’s not afraid to go barefaced and isn’t one to try to hide wrinkles or signs of aging.

9. Gwyneth Paltrow

This blond babe and daughter of Blythe Danner looks so different all natural. Without the straightened hair and dark-colored makeup palette to balance out her fair skin, she has a look that’s more angelic than edgy or star-like. With soft waves, a makeup-less Gwyneth looks so relaxed.

10. Shakira

This drop dead gorgeous Latina singer is usually glammed up with a dark, sultry makeup that can borderline on vampy. But without all those cosmetics and with hair half pulled back, she looks much younger and more innocent.

11. Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler intentionally posts no makeup pics for laughs online, and seeing as she’s posted multiple topless photos to her own platforms, we don’t think that a simple no makeup shot is too difficult for Handler. With her dominant features and unique face, she does look alarmingly different than she does in dolled-up looks.

12. Annalynne McCord

You probably recognize this mega hottie from her smoldering roles in TV shows like Nip Tuck or the rebooted 90210, but Annalynne McCord has a serious acne issue that makeup often covers up. While her chronic struggle with cystic acne has improved over the years, it’s very much still a relatable problem Annalynne suffers with them makes her just a bit more approachable.

13. Ru Paul

Ok, maybe this one is a bit obvious, but Ru looks like day and night when in drag and when in casual wear. In drag, he’s transformed into a flawless, attitude-slinging bad girl, but in regular clothes and no makeup, he looks understated and handsome. Like many on this roundup, Ru Paul only puts on his meticulous drag getup when he’s getting paid for it.

14. Kim Kardashian

Before having kids, seeing Kim Kardashian makeup-less was extremely rare, and usually the result of an unflattering paparazzi shot. Without all those pounds of eye makeup, contouring, foundation, lashes and lipstick, there’s an equally lovely looking human being down there! Still, it doesn’t necessarily look like the same human being.