10 Stars Who Were Blacklisted in Hollywood and Now We Know Why

Getting excluded from the Hollywood elite club may lead to different consequences: some actors, despite their former popularity, would simply be forgotten; others would become even more popular, but outside the film industry. Some celebs ruined their careers by having ties to the communist movement, others by controversial behavior, and then there’s Tobey Maguire’s gambling addiction.

Here are 10 stars who were blacklisted in Hollywood!

1. Brendan Fraser

Brendan Fraser was once the leading stars in Hollywood, thanks to the Mummy franchise. But after accusing the former head of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Phillip Burke, of sexual harassment, Fraser saw acting offers disappear with cosmic speed.

2. Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan used to be huge when the horror movie Scream came out. But what happened to her after that? Well, her career wasn’t long-lived because she went against the biggest bastard in showbiz — Harvey Weinstein.

3. Randy Quaid

During the filming of The Merry Wives of Windsor, Quaid attacked one of the crew members, and his wife piled on the poor guy. She sent completely inappropriate and potentially threatening emails to the cast and the director’s team. Quaid was swiftly fired and fined $ 81,000 for his and his wife’s behavior and expelled from the actors’ union, which meant an automatic blacklist.

4. Corey Feldman

As a child, Feldman starred in two classic hits — Lost Boys and Goonies. However, he became an alleged victim of a child molester in Hollywood, but sadly, he was not taken seriously at the time. Because of this emotional turmoil, Feldman fell into the rabbit hole of drug and alcohol abuse to get rid of the pain, which effectively prevented him from getting any acting gigs.

5. Charlie Sheen

In early 2011, Sheen went into alcohol and drug rehab, had several domestic violence allegations, and publicly lashed out at Chuck Lorre. After these insults, Sheen was still pushing for a 50% increase to his current salary of $ 1.8 million per episode. This was the breaking point of his career.

6. Kirk Cameron

He may have been the Growing Pains star, but now Kirk Cameron is a radical Christian. It seems that the former actor cannot keep his religious and political views to himself, which actually affected his relationship with the Hollywood community. And that’s how Kirk’s big mouth got him locked out from participating in mainstream projects.

7. Shia LeBeouf

Shia is an outstanding, albeit a bit too eccentric, Hollywood actor, so it’s strange to see him on this list. But bad things happen when good people turn violent. It got to the point where he’s being investigated for some nasty things, including abusing his exes. Naturally, Hollywood did not want to associate itself with an alleged wife abuser.

8. Tobey Maguire

Tobey’s case is very strange. Somehow, this 40-year-old actor got himself into a pickle. He was caught participating in an underground gambling ring got Hollywood celebs! You can see this kind of thing only in Los Angeles.

9. Roseanne Barr

An ardent supporter of the GOP and President Trump, Roseanne Barr has become a controversial figure in Hollywood. In 2018, she went too far in her antics when she joked in a racist manner on the former senior adviser to President Obama. The Roseanne reboot was immediately canceled, and the ABC president fired the actress after reading her obnoxious tweets.

10. Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey is the perfect example of Hollywood’s cowardice. He was accused of sexual assault, went to court, was cleared of the charges, but the people still call him a predator. This means Hollywood execs can’t give Spacey any roles because he’s a flight risk for the box office releases.