The Incredible Transformation of Chrissy Metz

Little Chrissy was brought into this world as a cute, chubby baby, and, as she got older, her body weight varied a little, but she never got to experience what it’s like being fit. Her parents did not know how to cope with the problem, and at the age of 11, they took Chrissy to a Weight Watchers meeting, where she was the only child among adults. It must have been a special kind of hell for a kid to watch her friends eat whatever they wanted.

For years Metz has been dreaming of making it big in showbiz, but her manager told her she has to lose weight to get the roles. Chrissy worked her butt off to shed 22 kilos, but unfortunately, those promised gigs didn’t come fast enough. The young star drove herself into depression, putting on over 45 kilos and suffering a panic attack on her 30th birthday. This traumatic event has completely changed Chrissy’s attitude towards her body. Over the next five months, she started eating 2,000 calories daily and doing exercises, which helped her lose all that extra weight and eventually got her a role in “American Horror Story.”

When she was cast in “This Is Us,” Chrissy only had 80 cents in her bank account. This was the defining moment for her, but thankfully, the show changed her life for the better. She’s now financially secure but still chooses to live with her roommate after finally paying off her debts and loans.

Metz went through difficult times to get to where she is today, and she regrets nothing. She firmly believes that things are happening for a reason and says that the character Kate will lose weight along with her if necessary. Chrissy would not have scored this great role if she got too slim. Therefore, the actress is sure that since it happened that way, then it was necessary. In an interview, she said that people should learn to celebrate victories, but at the same time not feel ashamed when something inevitably goes wrong. This kind of thinking makes Chrissy a great role model for her fans.

After the 2017 MTV Awards, the actress received many negative comments on her social pages. But she didn’t take it close to heart and addressed the cyber-bullies in a tweet by saying that she wears what she wants and doesn’t care about the opinions of others. Metz knows exactly who she is, and the true fans love her for it.

Chrissy Metz is not afraid of changes. She is ready for any transformation: be it losing weight or gaining a few extra kilos — nothing will stop her.