Ida Lundgren and Bianca Van Damme Take After Their Fathers

Growing up with parents who are rich and famous has its perks in life. You have to worry slightly less about the everyday stuff and doors just generally open a lot quicker for you. Now imagine having parents that are rich, famous and top-class athletes – like Jean-Claude Van Damme or Dolph Lundgren. Now you’ve genetically won at life, right?

Let’s take a look at both men and how they’ve passed the torch on to their daughters.

Ida Lundgren

Despite looking like she’s somewhat frail, you can instantly tell how toned and muscular her body is. She probably gets all kinds of private lessons from Dolph himself, not to mention a free personal trainer that most of us could only dream of. Where Dolph used his athletic ability in combination with a career in acting, Ida is trying to become a model. She definitely has the looks for it, but it’s sort of be a shame to not see this girl pop up in The Expendables movie, right?

The good news is it’s not entirely impossible that that would happen. Ida did a small part in one of Dolph’s movies when she was younger and there’s a new one lined up for 2021 as well. Seems like as long as she gets to do it beside her dad, she’ll accept the occasional acting gig.

Bianca Van Damme

Growing up with one of the biggest martial arts fighters in the world can obviously only mean one thing: either you grow up hating martial arts, or you grow up doing it yourself. And where Bianca was in the former camp when she was young, she reconsidered her opinion on martial arts as she grew older. Bianca clearly followed in her dad’s footsteps and is now a very capable martial artist.

Much like Ida, most of Bianca’s acting career seems to revolve around small parts in movies her dad makes. Her IMDB page is a lot more filled out than Ida’s, so I guess that means odds of her popping up in The Expendables movie are a lot higher. Here’s to hoping those old legendary actors will have to face off against two young butt-kicking women!

And it wouldn’t be hard to convince them to act together, since they already occasionally train together. I guess when you’re both young women trying to make your way in the world and you’ve got an athletic body that’s toned to perfection, there’s nothing much left to do to pass the time apart from exercising. These two are certainly going to make some heads turn!