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7 Facts About Ines Joseph, a Renown Ballerina and Top Model

If you’ve ever gone to a ballet performance, you probably appreciate the extraordinary amount of effort that goes into making it look perfect. The dancers gracefully move to the sound of the music, practically floating in air as they do a variety of amazing physical feats. While they make it look effortless, it takes years of practice and dedication. They have to follow a strict diet and rigorous workout routine in order to develop a light but strong body. They spend hours working on dance moves that are precise and elegant. This takes us to the story of Ines Joseph. Who is she and what should you know? 

Ines Joseph Grew Up in Paris, France

Ines Joseph, a 20-year-old Paris-based ballerina,  is living a dream. When she was a child, she was completely captivated whenever she would go to the theater to see ballet. As she grew, she began to realize she had the right form and figure to pursue ballet herself. Of course, it wasn’t just a matter of getting into that stage and performing. She trained hard to develop flexibility and gracefulness. There were plenty of scouts who were interested in seeing what she could accomplish, and not all of them were involved in ballet dancing. 

She isn’t your typical ballerina

A scout for IMG Models — one of the top modeling agencies where the medium income is around $200,000 — was just as impressed with her exotic beauty as she was with her dancing prowess. Ines had the look, the height, the figure, those black eyes and hair, and dark, tropical complexion. When she went in for her first photo shoots, she revealed herself to be a complete natural! With very little direction she knows how to strike the perfect pose! So of course IMG had to sign her.

She incorporates a ballet theme into her photo shoots

She typically combines ballet outfits with block-heeled shoes, which is logical. At her core, Joseph is first and foremost a ballerina, and her photo spreads serve as a constant reminder of this. She might look fragile, but in reality she’s solid as a rock. She possesses unique qualities that make her stand out from the rest of the modeling world. 

She has been featured in the world’s top fashion magazines

Although her modeling career is still relatively new, she already has significant accomplishments under her belt. As a teenager, she took part in a Vogue magazine cover shoot and was reportedly great to work with. One of the essential traits that unites ballet dancing and modeling is the need to be disciplined, which is not a problem at all for Ines.

She has the makings of a social media influencer

Joseph has what it takes to succeed in the modeling world. She’s extremely talented and really turns heads. Ines has stated that she isn’t entirely sure what she wants to do once she’s done with ballet dancing and modeling, but as everybody knows, a career in either is fleeting. However, she has so far amassed nearly 35,000 followers on Instagram, and with her abilities there’s no reason why it can’t grow, so perhaps she has a future as a social media influencer. 

She doesn’t need to do fake Photoshop spreads

The sky is really the limit as far as Ines’s modeling career goes. Her contract is lucrative, and she has often been compared to some of the top models of the 1990s. Unlike a lot of models these days, her photos look amazing without the need to photoshop or otherwise create an artificial look. Who knows, perhaps Joseph will help usher in an old-school era where a model is judged on how natural they look rather than the Barbie Doll appearance that has become so prevalent. 

She’ll continue to succeed in the future

When you look at photos of Ines Joseph it’s impossible to not be completely absorbed by her beauty. But beyond that, she is somebody who is not merely a sayer, she’s a doer. So no matter what she has in store for her future, there’s no reason to believe it will be anything less than bright!