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6 Reasons to Worry About Meghan and Harry Marriage

Some might think that Meghan Markle and Harry Windsor’s marriage is what fairytales are made of.  They live in a magical home in California, have scored tons of media contracts this year, and they’re pregnant with their second child — a baby girl. While these two look madly in love to most audiences, there are a few problems that might arise in the future, through a wrench in that happiness

1. Harry has been fighting with William, thanks to Meghan

There’s nothing good about two brothers feuding, especially when it’s due to one of their wives. Harry can act like he’s prioritizing Meghan no matter what, but apparently he’s been fighting with his big bro since 2017, when the couple got engaged. Harry thought William wasn’t doing enough to welcome his new wife into Buckingham Palace, and expressed concerns about the fast, whirlwind nature of their love. 

2. They got married rather fast

As rude as it was for William to say all that about the quick nature of their relationship and engagement, there is a morsel of truth to it. After all, William and Kate knew each other a decade before marrying — Harry only knew Meg for 16 months. Still, some people would argue that when you see your soulmate, you just know. There’s a rumor that there’s some overlap between exes. Markle had a very fresh breakup from her Toronto chef boyfriend of two years, Cory Vitiello. Did a rebound date turn into a rebound hubby? Only time will tell.

3. The couple skipped Christmas with the royal family

Christmas is a steadfast tradition between members of the royal family, but for obvious reasons, the couple will not be attending the festivities in Sandringham this year. They will spend it with Meghan’s mom instead, whose name is Doria Ragland. This is a pretty big deal, if you haven’t figured that out already. How big of a deal? Harry’s only missed one Christmas in his life — when he was away on military duty in Afghanistan back in 2012.

4. Meghan has problematic family members

The royal family has their own share of problems, but Meg’s background isn’t exactly a paradise either. While her mother has always supported Markle, her dad Thomas Markle made a scene before her wedding, talking poorly on the royal family and revealing multiple hidden stories to the press. Her half-sister Samantha is writing a gossipy tell-all novel (about “Princess Pushy,” in her own words) to boot. This adds a lot of pressure to the supposedly happy couple from all sides. 

5. The ex-royal couple sued the media

Lawsuits aren’t easy for anybody — especially a married couple who already faces stress from multiple directions after they’ve departed from the royal family. The media has been a stressful aspect of Meghan and Harry’s relationship since it first began, and in 2019, they already sued a tabloid magazine for publishing a private letter from Meg to her Dad. Even if these two are head over heels for each other, the press might just rip them apart, as they have to multiple celebrity marriages. 

6. Harry is estranged from his grandfather Prince Philip

Taking “space” with your brother is a given, sometimes. Siblings do have a history of fighting. But when a grandfather takes the fight against his son, it`s something that may never be repaired. Harry is currently not talking to the royals and is on bad terms with his granddad, all due to Meghan. It’s not her fault, but to have his whole world reduced to one person (his wife) is a big change. Prince Phillip went as far as saying, “one steps out with actresses, one doesn’t marry them.” If all of your friends and family are against your spouse, that’s a red flag. Sources close to the prince claim that Markle “pushed all his friends out.”